Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #30

 Posted: 2007


This series features a series of unconnected classically-themed stories of a Spider-Man which are actually set in the modern-day, rather when we first actually met him back in '62. Every story is developed to evoke the look and feel of a Stan Lee-style action tale, wrapped up and delivered in a contemporary art package.

To be sure, even older fans returning to the fold who are looking to read Spider-Man stories without having to deal with the weight of 45 years of continuity or the messy fallout of Marvel's recent Civil War event should enjoy this series.

Story 'Whirlwind Tour'

  Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #30
Summary: New Adventures of Spider-Man as a teen
Editor: Mark Paniccia
Writer: Peter David
Pencils: Pop Mhan
Inker: Norman Lee

Spider-Man takes on the whirling Dervish, Whirlwind who is in the city on a crime spree.

General Comments

It is Thanksgiving, and everyone in Peter Parker's neighborhood is getting filled with the sounds of far-off family coming to visit. That is every household except for that of the Parker household. For young Pet and his beloved Aunt May, it is just the two of them, which is always the cause of some sadness for our young hero. Perhaps this is what distracts him so that when his Spider-Sense kicks in he thinks that he is under attack from one of his super-powered foemen. Quickly dodging the incoming projectile, he kicks it back in the direction from which it came. Only, as soon as the deed is accomplished he realizes that it actually was a soccer ball tossed by bully-in-residence Flash Thompson, not a pumpkin bomb tossed by the Green Goblin. Needless to say, the returned ball bashes Flash in the face.

Claiming he "slipped" Peter manages to convince Flash's not so bright buddy that it was indeed an accident and Pete continues down the street, and returns to his revere over the empty Parker house on the upcoming holiday. Walking through the downtown section of town, Peter feels that he wants to buy something for his Aunt, because she has sacrificed so much for him, when suddenly an explosion attracts his attention. Amid a hail of wind and broken glass the Whirlwind comes whipping out of the plate glass window of the bank carrying two bags of cash. Even as the super-powered thief emerges into the street, he can be heard grousing about the dearth of nearby banks in Queens. ("Gimme Manhattan anytime: there's five banks on every block...") It is at this point that Spidey enters into the picture, in an attempt to stop the crook, only he is easily tossed aside by the swiftly whirling winds generated by the thief, and tossed aside.

With Spidey easily dismissed (or so he believes) Whirlwind breaks into a jewelry store and lifts that merchandise, only to be confronted again by Spidey. This time, Whirlwind chooses to make good his escape, and again blasts through the front window of the store and beats a hasty retreat, down the street, and onto the highway towards the Van Wyck Expressway. It is here that he manages to wrap Spidey up in his own webbing and toss him aside into the oncoming traffic. Managing to rescue himself, Spidey heads back to the scene of the crime to see if he can lend any assistance. It is there that he spots the owner of the jewelry store picking up stray pieces of jewelry that fell during the fight. Spidey spots one nearly hidden in the rubble, and (briefly) toys with lifting it for himself to give as a gift to Aunt May, but falls back on his better nature and alerts the store owner to its presence.

The owner, ever grateful to the young hero asks if there is anything that he can do for Spidey, who responds that he'd like to use the owner's computer. Once online, Spidey Googles the villain to find any personal info on him that he can. Spidey learns that Whirlwind (who's real name is David Cannon) has a father that lives locally, in Kew Gardens. As he gets ready to go apprehend the crook, the store owner gives Spidey a necklace (for his girlfriend) as a reward for his help in attempting to stop the crime.

Over in Kew Gardens, Cannon is attempting to give his elderly, frail father the bag of loot from his crime spree, but the father is repulsed by offer, and flatly refuses the "gift." Cannon's sister, who lives with and cares for, the father also tosses Cannon out, reminding Cannon that their father never approved of his criminal lifestyle. Angered, Cannon leaves the house, only to come face-to-mask with Spidey. Cannon attempts to spin his way away from the young hero, only to find his feet webbed to the front porch. The more Cannon spins, the more webbing Spidey unloads, wrapping him tighter and tighter until he is completely cocooned in it.

When the cops come to collect Whirlwind, they indicate to the father and daughter that there is a large reward for his capture. Outside, Spidey again considers how he could possibly reap part of the reward, but decides that Cannon's family needs the cash more than he does, and heads for home. Once there, he presents the necklace to his Aunt, and they then sit down for dinner.

Overall Rating

This is the kind of storytelling that hooks and keeps readers; simple, straightforward, and direct. Sure, sure there is a place for nuance, and convoluted plots, but this is where many of us joined in.


One of the really cool parts of these "updated" stories, is that modern technology (the Google search for Whirlwind) is a nice touch.

 Posted: 2007