Deadpool: Suicide Kings #3

 Posted: 2009


Wade Wilson aka Deadpool is highly skilled mercenary with a Wolverine-like healing factor, the gift of gab, and the ability to carry on a three-part conversation with himself at all times. Simply put: Deadpool is insane.

Issue #1: Deadpool accepted an assassination job he found in Black Ops magazine. A man named Conrad owes a bookie a lot of money. Think pay-off-the-national-debt. Deadpool tries to assassinate said bookie and is framed for destroying a Harlem apartment building and killing many of the tenants. Turns out Conrad and his bookie Tombstone are working together. Conrad has agreed to a crazy double-or-nothing bet Deadpool will survive 24 hours despite the face that he's been labeled public enemy #1. This is somewhat fitting since he is a such a big fan of Public Enemy. He stole one of Flavor Flav's clocks.

Issue #2: The Punisher and his new sidekick Henry tracks him down to his apartment. Using confiscated gear from super-villains, Punisher attacks Deadpool and trashes his apartment but loses him. 'Pool makes his way to the apartment of his ex-Agency X employee Outlaw to recuperate. Punisher tracks Deadpool there and resumes his attack, chopping off both of his arms. The timely intervention of Daredevil stops the Punisher cold and saves Wade from certain death.

Story Details

Once his arms have grown back, Deadpool makes his way to the offices of Black Ops magazine in New York City. After sweet-talking the receptionist, he is allowed to meet the editor face-to-face. He asks the editor if he can provide any additional information on the ad that Conrad placed. While initially reluctant to help out, once Deadpool gets him past level four of "Hitler's Minions II", the eccentric editor is more than willing to disclose all the information he has.

Deadpool returns to meet Daredevil who has brought in Ben Urich to help out. Deadpool explains that Conrad paid in cash. The only clue he has was an embossed envelope that contained the cash. Urich examines the envelope and immediately recognizes that it belongs to the O'Shea family (a wealthy, highly influential family with strong political ties).

Daredevil takes Deadpool to an abandoned fire station in the hopes that he will lay low for the time being. This Punisher has been keeping tabs on them and quickly appears. He uses the Grim Reaper's scythe to incapacitate Daredevil; Deadpool is not affected by the sonic attack. Their fight quickly is taken outside where it is eventually broken up by the recovered Daredevil. They separate when the police arrive.

Daredevil and Deadpool head to the penthouse of John O'Shea, Conrad's father. After interrupting his romantic evening with his girlfriend, they explain the situation and Conrad's involvement. John expresses sympathy for their situation and points them toward Tombstone. He hopes that they find him and if he's involved, he should pay for his crime. He warns them that if he's innocent, he'll use everything at his disposal to come after them.

Daredevil and Deadpool agree to split up tempoarily to take care of personal items. Daredevil finds two of Tombstone's henchmen and learns of his current location. Deadpool finds Outlaw on her following the Punisher's attack inside her apartment. She is currently living in a low-rent apartment since her previous apartment was destroyed. Wade promises to make this up to her once his name is cleared.

As he looks out at the skyline, he notices someone watching Outlaw's apartment with binoculars. Deadpool chases after him and eventually catches him. During the questioning, Spider-Man appears and webs up Deadpool, assuming that he's guilty from the television reports. 'Pool tries to explain that he didn't blow up the building, but Spidey won't listen.

In the middle of their exchange, Deadpool's head literally explodes. The camera pulls back to reveal that the Punisher used a high-powered crossbow to take him out.

General Comments

Ok, it's safe to assume that Deadpool isn't dead. I will state for the record that much like a zombie, a head shot should kill our favorite mercenary. No head, no healing factor. I'm not sure that even Wolverine could regrow his head, but apparently Deadpool can and will.

The only other item that I have to mention is the identification of Tombstone's henchmen watching Outlaw's apartment. There are two parts that are somewhat suspect here. The first being how did they know Outlaw was an associate of Deadpool? One can assume that they followed police reports and was able to find that out and follow her. The second is the assumption that the guy with binoculars looking into her apartment is an associate of Tombstone and not just a voyeur. This could have been easily addressed by a few word balloons explaining the hows and whys.

Overall Rating

4 webs. The overall story is still very entertaining, even with the minor issues that I found. The "head go 'splodey" cliff-hanger is so ludicrous that even the most gung ho fan of the character wouldn't excuse. Compared to the previous isues' cliff-hangers this is a letdown.

 Posted: 2009