Dark Avengers #8

 Title: Dark Avengers
 Posted: 2009


Simon Trask and his Humanity Now! Coalition have arrived in San Francisco to lend their support to Proposition X, a law which would limit mutant reproductive rights. The city soon erupts into riots which bring in the Dark Avengers to help restore order.

Norman Osborn manipulates the media and brands the X-Men as instigators of the riots. He then calls for their immediate surrender, which they ignore.

This ticks him off and calls in his markers from Emma Frost and other mutants he was able to manipulate to pose as his official team of mutants that will assist them in their efforts. Those efforts are to discredit the remaining X-Men for disobeying him and improve his Q-rating by “working with the mutant community”.

Cyclops has a plan wrapped in secrecy to combat Osborn that calls upon specific members of their community.

Story Details

  Dark Avengers #8
Summary: Spider-Man (Venom/Scorpion) appears
Arc: Part 5 of 'Utopia' (1-2-3-4-5-6)

Las Vegas, NV: Dani's mission was to request a favor from the Asgardian goddess Hela. The full details are not revealed.

San Francisco, CA – St. Francis Hospital: Osborn's X-Men arrive and capture Simon Trask alive. They bring him out and give the crowd some reassurance that they can handle whatever problems arise. For the remainder of the week, they do just that. They assist in city-wide cleanup efforts and arresting all rioters as well as other criminals.

At Alcatraz Osborn allows Dark Beast to show his Omega Machine to his teams. Despite his efforts, the torturous effects of the machine are evident as the captured mutants' powers are drained. Dagger is appalled by this process and wants to quit; Cloak reminds her that now is not a good time. Osborn then informs his Avengers that they will be returning to New York tomorrow morning, much to Bullseye's dismay.

Bay of Oakland: Several miles underwater Psylocke and Madison Jeffries affix the Science Team's devices to the large underwater formation. Psylocke asks Jeffries if this will work. He indicates he believes in the devices, not necessarily in Cyclops' plan. When they return to the sub, they activate the devices; all are on-line and ready for use. They contact Graymalkin and inform them that they have succeeded.

Alcatraz: Dark Beast has his counterpart strapped into his Omega Machine for another round of power dampening/transfer into Weapon Omega. When he returns to the prison cells, he finds Illyana has teleported the X-Force team into the compound to assist in the escape efforts. Mindee used herself as a homing device to lead Illyana and X-Force to the previously unknown detention center.

He calls for Weapon Omega, who frees himself and runs to his side in preparation for the impending fight. This development is quickly relayed to Osborn who dispatches Frost and her team to stop the disturbance. If they fail, he promises to send in the Avengers.

Graymalkin Industries: Dr. Takiguchi informs Cyclops of his X-Club's success. Cyclops then gives the green light to proceed with the second part of their mission.

Alcatraz: Dark Beast and Weapon Omega are seriously wounded by X-Force. When Emma's team, arrives, Emma and Namor knock out Daken and Mimic, the most loyal to Osborn. Emma then explains to Cloak and Dagger that this is also part of Cyclops' plan. They can live with the rest of the mutants or remain with Osborn – their choice. Not surprisingly they choose to follow Emma.

They pass through Illyana's teleportation field and arrive off the coast of San Francisco at Asteroid M which has been brought up from the depths by the X-Club and re-christened Utopia. All the mutants have been teleported from Graymalkin Industries and Alcatraz to this land mass. News helicopters fly around jockeying for the best angle. Norman watches the coverage and is livid that he has been outsmarted.

Standing in front on an “X” flag, Cyclops speaks to the American people through a sympathetic news team. He states that Americans have nothing to fear from them. The combination of Osborn's attacks on mutants and the decades of hate crimes committed against them have proven to be too much. Since it is clear that most Americans would rather live without mutants so they have decided to comply with their wishes. This is a new nation for mutants, out of the reach of Norman Osborn and anyone that wishes to harm them. They want to live in peace, but whatever happens next is out of their control.

Unwilling to accept defeat, Osborn suits up and prepares to lead his Avengers in a final assault on the mutant community.

General Comments

Ok, wow. They brought Asteroid M up from the bottom of the ocean and claim is as "mutopia". This is an interesting development and a logical one given the constant harassment by humanity in general and Osborn in particular. Even though I think they should have given the relocation to San Fran some more time, this looks very promising for future stories.

And naturally Osborn is livid at this development. His ego will not let this stand. I look forward to the final showdown between these two teams.

Overall Rating

4 webs. Its nice to see that Emma and Namor haven't completely lost their minds in siding with Osborn. So far Cyclops' plan has proven to work. Hopefully he has something planned for the Dark Avengers.

 Title: Dark Avengers
 Posted: 2009