Quiz on Gwen Stacy

 Posted: 2009
 Fan: FatherOfMonkey
Q. 1 'The day we met.'

On the first day of college, Peter Parker did this to Gwen Stacy:

 Asked to carry her books
 Asked her to go to the Coffee Bean with him
 Bumped into her, causing her to drop her textbooks
 Ignored her

Q. 2 'Be my baby...'

In this issue of "What If...?" Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy have a child.

 What if Spider-Man had kept his six arms?
 What if Spider-Man coninued to mutate?
 What if Spider-Man had rescued Gwen Stacy?
 What if Spider-Man's daughter had lived?

Q. 3 'Dumped!'

At one point, Gwen dumps Peter because:

 Mary Jane Watson and Peter go to a movie together and keep it a secret
 Gwen's father won't let her date boys
 Gwen's father claims that Peter attacked him
 She would rather be with Flash Thompson

Q. 4 'Kidnapped!'

Which of these villains kidnapped Gwen Stacy and her father?

 Doctor Octopus

Q. 5 'Confessions!'

When does Peter tell Gwen that he is truly Spider-Man?

 Issue #94
 Issue #87
 Issue #82

Q. 6 'In memoriam.'

Which series of Spider-Man is written in memory of Gwen Stacy?

 Spider-Man: Blue
 Spider-Man: The Death of Gwen Stacy
 Spider-Man: Death and Destiny
 Spider-Man: I Remember Gwen

Q. 7 'Aftermath.'

Who was waiting in Peter's home when he returned the Night Gwen Stacy died?

 The Police
 Aunt May
 The Green Goblin
 Mary Jane Watson

Q. 8 'Odd man out!'

Which of these men never expressed attraction to Gwen Stacy?

 Flash Thompson
 Randy Robertson
 Harry Osborn
 Professor Miles Warren

Q. 9 'Murder most foul!'

Who killed Gwen Stacy?

 Norman Osborn
 Gerry Conway
 All of the above

Q. 10 'Extra for experts!'

What is Gwen Stacy's Aunt's name?



 Posted: 2009
 Fan: FatherOfMonkey