Quiz on Carnage

 Posted: 2009
 Fan: SuperFlyGuy
Q. 1 'Carnage Who?'

What is Carnage's real surname?


Q. 2 'Home Sweet Home'

What was the name of the little boys home that Carnage lived in?

 Brooklyn City Boys Home
 St. Estes Home for Boys
 St. Estes Home for Boys
 St. Estes Home for Boys

Q. 3 'Family Un-Ties'

Which family member did Carnage murder?


Q. 4 'Loose Ends'

Who killed Carnage's mother

 Cletus's Father
 Carnage Himself
 A Drunk Driver
 She commited suicide

Q. 5 'This Merry Band'

What alliance did Carnage form with Doppleganger, Shriek, the Demogoblin, and Carrion?

 The Sinister Syndicate
 The Masters Of Madness
 Kutting Krew
 Maximum Carnage

Q. 6 'Strange Allies'

Who helped Captain America, Avengers, The Fantastic Four, Ironfist and Spdier-Man defeat Carnage?

 Cloak and Dagger
 Doc Ock

Q. 7 'Cletus Alone'

Which 1990's issue of the Amazing Spider-Man featured Cletus, not Carnage?

 Amazing Spider-Man #344
 Amazing Spider-Man #361
 Web of Spider-Man #101
 Spectacular Spider-Man#217

Q. 8 'Doin' Time'

How many life sentences was Cletus Kassady serving?


Q. 9 'In The Limelight'

In which title did Carnage appear in every issue?

 1998 Spider-Man Annuals
 Venom: Lethal Protector
 1995 Super Specials

Q. 10 'Hey, That's Mine!'

What does Carnage steal from the Silver Surfer?

 His Cosmic Powers
 His Cosmic Board
 His Silver Color
 All of The Above


 Posted: 2009
 Fan: SuperFlyGuy