Quiz on Gwen Stacy Clone

 Posted: 2009
 Fan: Julio Barone
Q. 1 'Nice To Meet You'

When Peter first started seeing the Gwen clone what did he conclude?

 That he was lovesick
 That he was going insane
 That Gwen had returned
 That Gwen had a lookalike

Q. 2 'Roomies'

Who did the cloned Gwen room with after her return?

 Flash Thompson
 May Parker
 Mary Jane Watson
 Betty Brant

Q. 3 'Bye, Bye, Bye'

Where did Gwen and Peter first part ways?

 At her own grave
 At the Brooklyn Bridge
 She didn't say goodbye, she just left a note
 At his Chelsa apartment

Q. 4 'Unmasked'

When Gwen discovered who Spider-Man really was, how did she react.

 She didn't believe it was really Peter
 She hit herself for not realizing it sooner
 She ran way proclaiming he was the man who killed her father.
 She reacted with understanding because she still loved Peter.

Q. 5 'Love and Marriage'

Who did our Gwen clone eventually settle down and marry?

 A clone of Professor Warren
 Anthony Serba
 A Peter Parker clone
 Phillip Chang


 Posted: 2009
 Fan: Julio Barone