Spider-Man & Captain America vs. Dr. Octopus


This short strip was printed on the side of a plastic cup that was issued by the fast food franchise Hardee’s back in 1990. It was a part of a larger set that featured other Marvel superheroes in similar adventures

Story 'Doc on the Rocks'

Peter Parker is with Mary Jan Watson-Parker (yes kids, they were actually married at that time). They are watching a news broadcast on Tv showing Doc. Ock fighting Captain America. Pete changes into his costume and rushes out to help Cap. He arrives to discover that Ock is battling Cap to “set the truth” about their last battle. They are in the East River on a garbage scow as the two heroes move in on the deranged scientist with the multiple metallic arms. Spidey distracts Ock as Cap heads over to a crane with an electromagnet hoist. While Ock is fighting off Spidey, Cap activates the magnet and pins Ock to the electromagnet. Cap thanks Spidey as he puts Ock in custody.

General Comments

Short, sweet, and to the point. This story has all the classic elements of a standard Marvel comic and tells a complete tale in just six panels. Not as easy as it sounds.

Overall Rating

I like the fact that the story was complete and over in a snap. Plus the fact that it came from a fast food franchise, and features Spidey is just icing on the cake for this reviewer.


There is at least one more (Hulk & She-Hulk) cup in this series that we know about, and probably at least two more, as these things generally tend to be offered in groups of four.