What If? (Vol. 2) #88

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Chris Zeichman (E-Mail)


In Marvel, Peter was bitten by a spider and became a hero. This is not Marvel...

Peter married Gwen Stacy who died giving birth to their son Ben. He has daily episodes where he mutates into a giant spider and craves fresh meat...

(Note: This takes place about 20 years after Peter was bitten by the spider)

Story 'What if Spider-Man continued to mutate?'

Peter is working in his lab knowing only that if he doesn't find a cure for his and his son's condition then, in days they will perish. Meanwhile his son (a mutant) is getting his daily beating from "Flash" Thompson's son Butch. Mary Janes little girl Sara kicks Butch in the *snicker* jimmy. Ben sontemplatees suicide but Sara saves him. Ashamed of his hideous appearance he doesn't even stick around for a "thank you".

Ben walks home getting there after nine o' clock. Ben then yells at his dad not realizing that Peter is trying t osave his life. That night Peter turns into a spider and eats his dog Regis. Peter proposes that Ben goes to Xavier's School for help. Ben blows him off and leaves unhappily for school. Proffesser X calls their house and Peter again goes spideristic before he can pick up the phone. Ben goes to Sara's house and talks to her about his problems but Butch shows up and Sara goes to get help (however Ben and Butch think she is abandoning him).

Ben jacks Butch in the stomach and can feel his spider soming inside of him. Sara goes to Peter's house and Peter goes spider and searches for Ben. "Flash" (an established mutie hater) finds his son wheezing "Parker" as his final words. Flash assumes he is speaking of Peter and then the fun begins. Some cops find Ben (thinking he is Peter) in his spider form and Ben nearly kills one of them. Flash and his buddies find Ben (thinking he is Peter) and Club him 'till Peter does show up.

They beat Peter to death and Ben narrowly escapes with his life. Realizing his dad loved him he decides to go to Xavier's school and thinks about Power and Responsibility.

Overall Rating

Whew! Violence galore! This book makes a lot of assumptions that you know things. However, it makes you think twice before making a nasty remark to someone different than you...

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Chris Zeichman (E-Mail)