Ultimate Spider-Man (UK Magazine) #295

 Posted: Sep 2020
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For much of its middle years, this Panini UK Magazine "Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man" produced short, original Spider-Man story material from UK creators. That came to an end when Disney bought out Marvel in 2011, and The Mouse made the decision to curtail the independence overseas of Marvel UK. So for four years this title was a reprint-only magazine.

However, starting with #282 we have started to see apparently new stories written by Canadian Jim Zub appear sporadically among the reprints. These stories take place in the universe of the Ultimate Spider-Man TV (2012) cartoon series.

At least one of these was simul-published in the US and the UK. And where I can find both US and UK publication, I have treated the US as the "original" and the UK as the "reprint". But as far as I know, this 11-page story has only appeared in this UK magazine, and so I am reviewing it here.

This story has no title given within the story pages. I assume that was a boo-boo on the part of the layout team.

I have used the title "Spidey's Worst Nightmare" as that is what appears on the cover, although perhaps it was supposed to be "What a Nightmare!" or "Nightmare!" or something else entirely. It's a mystery.

Story 'Spidey's Worst Nightmare'

  Ultimate Spider-Man (UK Magazine) #295
Summary: 30-Sep-2015
Consulting Editor: Bill Rosemann, Emily Shaw
Editor: Mark Basso
Writer: Jim Zub
Artist: Mario Del Pennino
Lettering: Clayton Cowles
Colorist: Sotocolor

Following the regular Jim Zub format we have a splash page that begins mid-action. Spider-Man, without his mask, is standing in his classroom where Flash, Mary Jane, Harry, and all his classmates can clearly see that... Peter Parker is Spider-Man! Oh Noes!

...and then we jump... wait, hol'up. There's no jump back. The story carries on.

Peter smashes out the nearest window and flees, maskless, swinging through the city. Who can be responsible? Loki? Mesmero? He can't even remember going to school.

Things go from worse to worse. Aunt May kicks him out of home. S.H.I.E.L.D. kicks him out.

Fortunately at this point, Doctor Strange turns up to explain that the demonic villain "Nightmare" is behind it all.

Knowing what's going on doesn't actually help a great deal, as a giant-sized Nightmare strides across the scene and attacks the heroes, grasping them in his merciless crushing fists.

Then... the good guys just "win". Doctor Strange combines his Eye of Agamotto with Spider-Man's will power and Nightmare shrinks to normal size. Spidey punches him on the chin, and Peter wakes up in his bed. Doctor Strange says goodbye and floats away.

End of story.

General Comments

There was a bad guy. But the good guys wanted to win, so they won.

No twists, no surprises.

The "Nightmare" thing was mentioned on the cover, and three more times in the contents page before the story even started. So there wasn't even any suspense about what was going on.

Overall Rating

Not only did they forget to put a title on the story, they also forgot to put a story in the story!

I'm offended by the implication that this is supposed to entertain me. One Web.

 Posted: Sep 2020
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)