Ultimate Spider-Man #84

 Posted: 2005
 Staff: Peter Kroon (E-Mail)


A new mob boss, a mutant known as Hammerhead, has made a move against Wilson "The Kingpin of Crime" Fisk's mob holdings - and pitted Spider-Man against a new costumed vigilante: Moon Knight. At the same time, Fisk - whom Spider-Man has long tried to put behind bars - provided Peter with concrete evidence linking Hammerhead to a recent murder.

Hammerhead's attempt to extort money from a Kingpin-owned restaurant in Chinatown brought Shang-Chi (the Master of Kung-Fu) and Danny Rand (the Iron Fist) into the mob struggle. As if that weren't enough, the Black Cat (a former jewel thief who has a personal interest in Spider-Man) arrives on the scene, tracking down Hammerhead to look for help in her war against the Kingpin.

But perhaps the most dangerous of all is the Kingpin's personal assassin... the woman known as - Elektra!

Story Details

At Hammerhead's place, all the major players are there. Hammerhead, Elektra, Iron Fist, Shang-Chi, Moon Knight, Montana, Fancy Dan, several mobsters, Black Cat and of course Spider-Man. Hammerhead persuades Elektra to join him and leave the Kingpin. Then the Black Cat switches sides too. The fight begins.

Spidey gets enough of it and uses a lot of web, capturing everybody. He then makes a call to Police Captain Jeanne DeWolfe. Finally, he gets through to her. But then Elektra has broken free. As do Black Cat and Moon Knight.

Elektra fights Spidey, Spidey hits Hammerhead, almost breaking his hand, Elektra seriously hurts Moon Knights and then police have arrived. Hammerhead quickly removes Moon Knights mask and takes a picture.

The fight between Elektra and Spider-Man goes on. Spidey can no longer defend himself and gets kicked through the window and lands on top of a police car.

General Comments

Hammerhead just buys Elektra, great stuff. The Black Cat switches sides too, who would have thought of that? This only on page 4 and everything has changed. Amazing!

And the phone call, after webbing up the lot. So funny! It's a fight for crying out loud, and Spidey takes the time to make a call, which of course takes like forever. The result, he gets kicked through the window.

What can I say? Just go get this book! I merely hope I didn't spoil too much to you in my little summary above.

Overall Rating

Great story, cool twists. Great fight scenes. Nothing short of a full 5 webs!

 Posted: 2005
 Staff: Peter Kroon (E-Mail)