Ultimate Spider-Man #66

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Peter Kroon (E-Mail)


After the shocking Carnage story, it's time for fun. Logan, the mutant known as Wolverine is a member of the X-Men. His amazing powers include heightened animal senses, a dazzling healing factor and an unbreakable skeleton. Spider- Man (the alter ego of Peter Parker) has had numerous run-ins with this mutant. Will this one be different?

Story 'Even We Don't Believe This'

Parker Home, Queens. Peter is sleeping, Aunt May calls him. Peter is confused, what's going on? Aunt May is packing stuff. He then goes to the basement. When looking at the things down there, Mary Jane switches on the light and kisses him.

Cut to Wolverine. He wakes up, is confused. What's that smell? He stinks and he's hairy. He rushes into the bathroom. While looking at himself in the mirror, one of his claws pops out, piercing his arm. He screams.

Peter and MJ are outside the basement entrance. Peter wants to pass on going to school. MJ wonders if something is going on. Aunt May calls, there's somebody on the phone from the Daily Bugle. It turns out to be Wolverine.

Now it gets complicated. On the phone, it's Wolverine, but actually it's Peter speaking. Peter is inside the body of Wolverine. Logan is inside the body of Peter. They have a complicated conversation('coz Aunt May is in the room) and decide to meet at school.

Class has started and (Wolverine inside the body of) Peter is still outside. A guard spots him, so he climbs up he wall. And of course, falls right on top of the guard. As he is about to hit the guard KO with his fist, (Peter inside the body of) Wolverine arrives. They argue, the result, Peter has to go to class or he might get expelled. So, Logan (inside Peter's body goes) reluctantly.

Peter (inside Logan's body) stays outside. There's a robbery nearby and he wants to help out. Because he doesn't know the strenght of the Logan body, he overshoots his jump. Thus causing some cars to collide. One of the cars explodes and gets thrown in the air. Of course, it lands on Logan.

General Comments

Well, Bendis himself introduces the story. That should have been a warning. Silly me, I thought they'd just use a different approach this time around. Eh... well... in a way they did. Sigh.

The switching of the bodies is kinda fun, for a page or two. When Peter pops his claw by accident a second time, the joke is getting old. Same goes for Logan, discovering how to use the spider powers is dull. Isn't Logan supposed to be a veteran at the superhero business? And trained to be able to adapt to odd situations? Nah, I don't buy this, he's not that stupid.

Then there's continuity. What happened to Flash? Last issue, the detention story, he ran away. Where did he go? What did he do? I want answers, not this silly story. Back in the 80's they had assistant editor month, could they have....?

Overall Rating

Yeah, well, the art was cool. But Bendis (as shown on the introduction page) has a bigger head in real life (well, compared to his neck anyway). So I'm deducting points for the art here. Also, this should have been done in just one issue, not continued into the next. Let's hope it won't be a 5 parter.

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Peter Kroon (E-Mail)