Ultimate Spider-Man #25

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: John Edathil (E-Mail)


The evil industrialist Norman Osborn is back, and what's more he can control his transformation into the Green Goblin with Oz injections. Meanwhile, S.H.I.E.L.D. has become involved, Harry's all messed up, and things just look all-round nasty!

Story 'Plasmids'

We get to see Dr. Miles Warren hypnotizing Harry into thinking he loves his dad and not thinking about his mother's death or the Goblin. After the session, Warren reports to Norman Obsorn that the session is going well, including something about "program words." Before he can go into the long-term effects of the hypnotherapy on Harry, Obsorn cuts him off and dismisses him.

With Warren gone, Norman injects himself with the Oz, triggering his transformation into the Green Goblin, and several voices documenting his pain, his love/hate relationship with Peter, his delusions, and the scientific details of what is happening to him. We see last issue's Goblin/Spider-Man confrontation played out from Osborn's demented and schizophrenic point of view. He sees Spider-Man as a monster, and the voices in his head swirling around him as white phantoms.

Again, we see the Green Goblin abduct Mary Jane, with Spider-Man giving chase. They end up at the Queensborough Bridge, the place of their first conflict.

And the Goblin hurls Mary Jane Watson, Peter's girlfriend, off the bridge.

Spider-Man catches Mary with his webshooters. But Mary's not waking up...

General Comments

It's hardly fair to comment to much in the middle of a cliff-hanger like this. So let me just say that I was left sitting on the edge of my seat, give it a great rating, and let's wait for the wrap-up before getting too detailed. See ya in an issues time!

Overall Rating

Fantastic so far. Four and a half webs!

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: John Edathil (E-Mail)