Ultimate Spider-Man #20

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)


Just to recap. Justin Hammer was paying off Doctor Octopus, who worked for Norman Osborn, who hasn't been seen for ages, since he became the Green Goblin. Doc Ock had an accident, and gained some tentacles, he was cared for by SHIELD, but then escaped to seek revenge. He is at Hammer's research site, and Hammer has headed out to meet him. But the top of his limo' bears an uninvited guest, in red and blue...

Story 'Live'

Meanwhile, Kraven's agent is holding a press conference, while the Aussie Hunter himself is transcending in a Zennish sort of way, in preparation - of course, Ultimate Kraven does all this in front of the TV cameras while his agent and his front man argue over how to set the right mood. Quite some way removed from Sergei's lonely meditations in a distant Russian castle.

Hammer arrives at his factor, where Doc Ock is hold forth for those same TV cameras. Ock is taking the moral high ground, claiming Hammer is... well all sorts of things that he is - crook, thief, and un-authorised experimenter in super-human enhancements, prime example being the afore mentioned Doctor, innocent victim of an unfortunate accident. Gee, poor Otto.

Otto starts laying into Justin Hammer in a more physical fashion. Oh no, who can save poor Mr. Hammer? Well, Spidey's there. I wonder if he'll intervene. Yup! No need to worry about that.

A spectacular battle ensues. Ock's new tentacles are equipped with all sorts of deadly attachments, and the scrap moves into high gear under the watchful eye of the TV lens. Live, of course, and all observed by Mary Jane, and... Kraven!

Spider-Man managed to get the better of Ock, after a grueling battle. As the cameras move in to catch the action, Peter tries to catch his breath. That would be a really bad time for Kraven to turn up, wouldn't it?

General Comments

Action, action, action! Snappy scripting and devious dialogue. Perfect plots and vivid villains. Hapless heroes, woe-wailing women, befuddle bystanders, brutal battles, and everything performed live for the viewer at home. Joy. Bliss.

Overall Rating

Help yourself to another four webs, Mr. Bendis.

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)