Ultimate Spider-Man #17

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)


Something new this issue... Ultimate Spider-Man no longer bears a snappy name on the cover. Or on the splash page. Or anywhere, in fact. All we can call this is Issue #17.

Something hasn't changed however. Spidey still doesn't get to fight anybody. Let me give you a few more details, and you'll see what I mean.

Story 'Taking Advantage'

First off, Kraven's publicity machine is kicking into high gear now our Australian Hunter has touched down on U.S. shores. Zooming into Kraven's inner sanctum we meet a couple more of his colleagues.

Firstly, his marketing guy. We see that in fact Kraven himself isn't so keen on hunting down Spidey. The whole impetus is coming from his P&R man, who reckons that Kraven needs to up the Sex and Violence in order to grab a long-term syndication and re-run deal with the major networks. Well, wouldn't you?

We also meet Kraven's girlfriend. A very quiet darkskinned girl, with motivations as yet unexplained. More later, I'm sure.

There's a few more shenannigans at Peter school, as Gwen Stacy is back off suspension, with a marginally softened attitude. Clearly, however, Peter is rather taken with her. Mary-Jane isn't so keen, mind you.

There's some stuff about the upcoming class project, being a Super-Hero for a day. I can't see where Bendis is going with that particular sub-plot, but I'm not convinced it's going to be worth the effort when we get there. Oh well, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt a little longer.

Oh, and Kraven is coming to Peter's school to shoot some footage. Plot device, anybody?

Back to Justin Hammer. JH is a property and defence constractor, who is spending a lot of money creating super-heroes in the background... in strict contradiction to current government regulations. Electro was one of his creations, although he was sold to Kingpin (and subsequently jailed). He has a couple more on the go, but nothing ready for prime time just yet.

Hammer is just about to unveil his next project, a Nuclear/Alternative fuel plant sited just off the coast of New York. But he is still a little worried about Doctor Octopus, his former under-cover agent, turned rogue psychotic super-villain. And with good reason. Otto turns up and takes over the power plant.

Spidey skips school and races off via army helicopter for the island where it's all happening... finally some action is very, very close!

General Comments

Well, I've spent the last five or six issues complaining about the lack of action. And for my reward, I get another plot development issue.

But that's OK. It's all fun, it's all readable, and there's GOT to be a decent scrap next issue.

Overall Rating

Another stonking good issue, without Peter getting so much as a paper cut. But I'd better see some violence next month, or else!

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)