Ultimate Spider-Man #15

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)


Doc Ock is on the loose, Gwen Stacy has just started at Peter's school, and Kong has just figured out that Peter is Spidey.

Warning. This is yet ANOTHER issue without Spidey fighting a super-villain. Does that make three in a row now?

Story 'Confrontations'

Doc Ock visits his old apartment and kills the new tenant.

Kong tells Flash that Peter is Spidey.

Flash tells Kong to prove it, by kicking Peter from behind, Peter's Spidey-Sense warns him, but he takes the kick to cover his identity. Gwen pulls a knife on Kong and tells him to back off.

Gwen's dad, the police captain is investigating the aforementioned murder. He gets called to school about Gwen.

Spidey goes on the town and stops a mugger, and taunts JJJ.

Ben Urich knows that Doc Ock didn't die, and wants to investigate.

General Comments

Doesn't seem like a lot happened? Well, you're quite right. Lots of panels, a fair bit of natural dialog, some very clever character development at right angles to the Lee/Ditko original.

As usual - clever, pretty, smartt, sassy, new, original, but with a vague sense of distraction and misdirection. Some good moments, but not enough of them.

Overall Rating

Love the characters, love Bendis. Wish more happened, but most of all I wish that all this energy had been put into one Spider-verse, not split between two.

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)