Ultimate Spider-Man #11

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Nathan Chattaway (E-Mail)


Issue eleven in Marvel's exciting new series featuring a young Peter Parker. Last issue Spider-Man was humbled by the Kingpin and his freakish employee Electro. Implicated in the murder of Mr. Big, Spider-Man must attempt to clear his name by paying a return visit to the Kingpin of Crime!

Story 'Discovery'

Peter spends some time surfing the web for info on the Kingpin's security camera setup. This is evidence he's started to use his brain rather than relying solely on his amazing spider-like abilities, which is A Good Thing. He's running late for class and has to run, only to be detoured into a psych session with a school shrink. She's helping students work through the recent fight between Spider-Man and Green Goblin that occured at the school a few issues back.

Peter decides he doesn't need therapy at this point and leaves. On his way out, he meets Liz Allen in the corridor. Peter realises she's taking the whole thing with Harry Osborn's dad trying to kill him very badly. Peter starts to ponder his own effectiveness in stopping the Goblin, feeling he didn't do it quickly or intelligently enough.

There is a scene between Peter and Mary Jane in which Peter tries to apologise for not making their first date the other weekend. Things still aren't as they used to be between Pete and MJ, and all the way home Peter mulls it over, wondering if telling he he's secretly Spider-Man will help their friendship. He fires up his computer and is delighted to discover that the info he requested on the Kingpin's security setup has been emailed to him! Now he knows everything he needs to for his next attempt at bringing the Kingpin down to succeed!

Cut to: Spider-Man web swinging his way across town, bound for Fisk Towers!

The Kingpin and his hirelings are in Fisk's office, discussing how they've threatened local news channels if they try to link Kingpin with the death of Mr. Big. However, Fisk is still preoccupied with the whereabouts of Spider-Man. His underlings try to convince him that Spidey's gone for good, but Fisk is right to be worried, for at that very moment, Spidey is sneaking into his tower!

Clinging to the ceiling, Spidey crawls up to and decks the security guard! Another guard bursts into the room, firing his handgun. Spidey dodges, and the bullet hits the power generator, plunging the whole tower into darkness. Kingpin immediately contacts the Enforcers, who have been waiting anxiously in the board room.

Spidey locates the security camera cabinet, and rips the solid steel door right off it's hinges. Inside is the array of DVDs just like the info said it would be! Spidey swiftly finds and pockets the DVDs from the date he last infiltrated the tower, and starts to beat a hasty retreat. However, a fork of lightning narrowly misses him, and then he realises... Electro is here! Suddenly a whip snakes around Spidey's throat, choking him. He's hanging from the ceiling, smoke and fire billowing all about, while Electro charges up for a massive strike!

General Comments

Spidey's attempt to retrieve the camera records was both well thought out and daring, and so very nearly succeeded! We'll have to wait until issue #12 to see how and if he escapes from Kingpin's clutches this time!

This issue was well paced, including scenes where Peter realises the impact recent events have had on Liz Allen as well as plenty of stealthy "spy stuff" and outright action with the foiled attempt at a getaway at the end! Early issues of Amazing Spider-Man refer to Liz as Liz Allan, but now this appears to be Allen. Just a little thing, but small details like this can make the difference.

I'm looking forward to the conclusion of this story arc, and then hopefully some genuinely new stuff from Bendis.

Overall Rating

Three and a half webs. I'm enjoying seeing Peter start to think and prepare more for his adventures as Spider-Man. It gives him more chance to succeed, and makes for interesting back-story as well. Okay Bendis, wrap this one up in style then serve up something totally new!

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Nathan Chattaway (E-Mail)