Ultimate Fallout #2

 Title: Ultimate Fallout
 Posted: Sep 2011


Spider-Man has died because of a gunshot wound he was inflicted with when saving Captain America and because he spent all of his remaining energy fighting off the Green Goblin instead of getting medical treatment. Believing that Nick Fury and the Ultimates are ultimately responsible for Peter’s death MJ tries to video record Fury and his S.H.I.E.L.D. agents at the Queensborough Bridge and after being confronted by Fury himself she reveals to him her plans to expose him for what he has done to Peter.

At the beginning of Peter’s funeral Aunt May was approached by a mournful Steve Rogers, who happened to inform her that it is his fault that Peter has died.

Story Details

Inside Saint Patrick’s Cathedral Aunt May, sitting besides Gwen Stacy, asks Steve Rogers, who is kneeling down in front her, if he would explain himself. Why is it that he thinks it is his fault that Peter is dead. Rogers then explains to her that the last time he talked to Peter he told him that he wasn’t ready to be a super hero, that he was just a kid, and then he tells her that the gunshot that eventually killed Peter was meant for him and that Peter pushed him out of the way, saving his life.

This is too much for May and right in the middle of the church, with everyone watching she rips into both Steve Rogers and Tony Stark, who is sitting behind her. She says that all Peter ever wanted to do was help people and that everything was fine before they all entered his life. They were suppose to train him but they couldn’t even do that properly. With genuine hate in her eyes she slaps The Captain America across the face and then runs out of the church.

Outside May is greeted by the sight of the enormous crowd that has gathered around the church and she passes out on the church steps. Gwen tries to help her but J. Jonah Jameson steps out and get her up on her feet asking her if she wants help getting back to her seat inside. May isn’t sure what she wants but thankfully Jameson convinces her that it would be best if she went back inside the church - tat she would regret it if she didn’t.

Back inside the service for Peter has begun and as the priest is talking about how Peter is in a better place Thor starts daydreaming about Asgard and how if people live their lives as they should be led, with courage and strong convictions, then they are able to go there after they die to be with Odin. There in Asgard there is Valhalla, where all the true heroes go. Thor can see that Wolverine, Cyclops, a woman that I don’t know the identity of, and Spider-Man, all eating and drinking and having a wonderful time together. And there, Thor believes, Legends will never die.

In a little roadside diner Rogue is thinking about how sad it is that Spider-Man has died as she is watching the funeral live on the news. The waitress sees how upset Rogue is and, trying to comfort her, places her hand onto Rogue’s hand that has on fingerless gloves. The instant their skin touches,Rogue pulls away but not before taking a little something of the waitress with her. Before anyone can do or say anything Rogue takes off.

Outside in the rain she decided to start walking on down the road and as she does she thinks about how she has seen way too many people die lately (Cain, Remy, Logan, Scott, the Professor) and she really wants to escape it all and return to her home. She also remembers back when she first met the X-Men and saw Angel and Nightcrawler (a demon) for the first time and how she thought they were a sign from God that something bad was on the way.

As she walks inside a church she makes a number of connections between recent events and things in the bible; Professor X and Magneto dying, the huge flood that happened in New York, mutants being shot on sight and some getting rounded up and put into camps. With everything that has happened she believes that this is the end of the world and she has come to this church to pray for mercy.

Back in New York in Mary Jane’s bedroom, MJ is sitting on her bed with her laptop open writing as she listens to the news about the funeral. The article that she is writing has the headline, “How the World Killed Spider-Man” and next to her on her bed she has a number of photographs of Captain America, Iron Man and one of Nick Fury on the top of the stack. It appears that she is going to try to expose Nick Fury’s responsibility in the death of Spider-Man.

General Comments

After Steve Rogers explains to May how he belittled Peter and called him just a kid, and then later Peter getting shot by pushing Captain America out of the way saving his life, May is furious at both Rogers and Tony Stark and how everything was fine before they both showed up to start their training with Peter. How none of this would have happened if it weren’t for them. She then goes and, in front of everyone in the church for Peter’s funeral, slaps Rogers across the face. Not many people could get away with hitting Captain America but not many people have had to deal with an angry Aunt May.

We then see how two different super heroes are dealing with Spider-Man’s death. Thor, who is attending Peter’s service, sees how, because of who Peter was and the kind of true hero he was, Peter will be remembered and celebrated in Valhalla, in Asgard, with all the other Legends for all time. It’s one thing for someone to tell you your loved ones are in a better place, it’s another thing to be a god yourself and to know that there is a heaven waiting for the good and pure of heart.

The other hero is Rogue who is not dealing with Spider-Man’s death as well as the God of Thunder. Even though she barely knew him, she can’t help but be moved and deeply troubled by his passing. For one to be so young and to be as selfless as he was to have died, the world is most definitely a darker, colder place. And with anything else she has be witness to recently, she truly believes that horrible things are about to happen. Finding shelter from the rain in a church, she’s there not for comfort and not to pray for all the people who have been lost recently, but to pray for herself and everyone else who is alive who must confront what is coming.

And then there’s Mary Jane, sitting alone in her room listening to a news report of Peter’s funeral on the television. She’s not actually there in person, but instead working on a news article she believes will make people think as she does that Nick Fury and the Ultimates are ultimately responsible for Peter’s death. It appears that she not really dealing with Peter’s passing at all and when everything is said and done, it won’t matter what she writes about, she’ll have still missed the funeral and being there with and for May and Gwen.

Overall Rating

Having Captain America be put in his place for how he treated Peter was a wonderful thing to see. He really acted like an arrogant jerk towards Spider-Man, and he came off as being more threatened by him then anything else. Plus the very fact that Peter was shot saving his life fully drove the point home that Peter was a true hero, even in the face of Captain America telling him he was not.

I also enjoyed reading the two opposing viewpoints of Spider-Man’s death. With Thor being optimistic and grateful for knowing Spider-Man and believing that he was truly in a better place. And then we have Rogue who sees Spider-Man’s death as just another recent tragedy that signifies that the end of the world, the apocalypse at the hands of God, is eminent. Her views are so dark and fatalistic that you can’t help but feel sorry for her.

 Title: Ultimate Fallout
 Posted: Sep 2011