Ultimate Comics Spider-Man (Vol. 2) #10

 Posted: Jun 2013
 Staff: spidermad (E-Mail)


Uncle Aaron is out of jail and in trouble with the Scorpion. He's figured out that Miles is the new Spider-man and has plans for him...

Story Details

Most of the action in this issue takes place on a rooftop in New York. Uncle Aaron, dressed as the prowler, meets with Miles, in his Spider-man gear. Aaron tries to convince Miles to work with him. Aaron tries a couple of ways to convince Miles, including trying to punch him! In the end he resorts to blackmail, i.e. threatening to tell Miles' dad that Miles is Spider-man. In the end, Miles still doesn't trust Aaron or his criminal intent. Finally, Aaron appeals to Miles' desire to do good and suggests they take down bad guys together. Aaron suggest the Scorpion. Miles leaves, but later does some research on the Scorpion. Miles decides to help Aaron and texts him... queue credits.

General Comments

At one level, this issue works really well. The art is great and the characters of Miles and Aaron have room to breathe. The conversation on the rooftop is given the time and space to cover a few different angles. It gives the sense of Aaron being a manipulative adult and Miles being an idealistic child. Miles' shows a strength of character that is admirable, but Aaron keeps on 'probing' trying to find an 'in', so he can manipulate matters to his benefit. Aaron's underlying attitude that he somehow 'owns' Miles and is due his unquestioning loyalty shows through.

At another level, when you get to the final pages of the comic, you realise that not very much actually happened. Later on, you wonder if the same sort of thing could of been done in less pages and then more story could of been included.

Overall Rating

Above average issue, it would of been better with more story.

 Posted: Jun 2013
 Staff: spidermad (E-Mail)