Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #2

 Posted: Sep 2010
 Staff: Aaron Pearson (E-Mail)


Peter has survived the Ultimatum wave and is continuing his double life as geeky high school student and superhero, Spider-man.

Peter is now dating Gwen, working at a fast food joint and to top it off Johnny Storm appears at his door and faints!

Meanwhile the Kingpin was thrown out a building killed by Mysterio.

Story Details

Johnny Storm is passed out on the couch at the Parker house. May and Peter discuss why he is there and what they should do about it. May decides to let him rest and tells Pete to get a blanket.

Meanwhile we visit Mysterio who is gloating about Kingpin being dead. He comments he was once like Fisk, wanting a piece of the pie, to be a boss, but now wants the whole pie to himself. He evens dares people to come after him, saying they will get what they deserve.

Peter has a nightmare about the wave being surrounded by heroes and friends all drowned. The next day Kitty is being harassed by flash and some other students. Kong steps in and tells Flash to knock it off. The principle comes in and breaks them up, he serves them both with detention and also Kitty for using her powers, even though it was for self defense. Kitty storms over to MJ who was taping the whole thing for the school news website and tells her not to post it. Kitty phases through the camera breaking it and walks away.

Meanwhile Peter and Gwen are eating lunch on the roof and an explosion happens not too far off. Pete changes and goes to the scene and runs into a mother daughter criminal team calling themselves the Bombshells. They fight, and try to get away, but Spidey follows after them. He manages to separate the two taking the daughter into a trash bin with him. they emerge and are surrounded by police, he hands the girl over to the cops and swings away.

Back at Peter's house Johnny wakes up and may is there to talk to him and asks him what happened to him leaving us until next issue to find out.

General Comments

This comic introduces an ultimate version of Bombshell, which would be awesome if it wasn't for the fact they are based off of a 616 character. I don't mind seeing Ultimate versions of characters, but I am DYING to see Bendis get inventive with a new villain. Besides Geldoff, who was not really a villain.

Bendis has been very wordy with his comics, which can be good once and awhile, but he should let the art do some of the talking too..

Overall Rating

This issue really flowed much smoother and more seemed to happen in it. Kitty is getting a pretty rough treatment in this issue, which doesn't bode well for her. The action did pick up and Lafuente's art is really solid.

 Posted: Sep 2010
 Staff: Aaron Pearson (E-Mail)