Ultimate Comics Avengers #1

 Posted: 2009
 Staff: Aaron Pearson (E-Mail)


The Ultimatum wave hit New York. Multiple Men blew up capitals and mutant schools. Fury has returned and Magneto was finally killed by Cyclops, only to be assassinated by Quicksilver.

Story Details

  Ultimate Comics Avengers #1
Summary: Spider-Man reference (on back of wrap-around cover)
Editor: Mark Paniccia
Writer: Mark Millar
Pencils: Carlos Pacheco
Inker: Danny Miki

It is three weeks since Ultimatum and Fury is very upset about the Triskelion getting damaged. He comments that the new president cut funding to the Ultimate's all in the name of "openness and accountability". Hawkeye reveals that Fury is currently unemployed most likely for how he handled Magneto. Hawkeye tells Fury he wants to make an offer. Hawkeye tells Fury that Captain America has gone rogue and his story is close to getting out and that S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Danvers needs Fury to lead a Black Ops team to retrieve Rogers. When Fury asks what happened Hawkeye says that "Cap knows about THE RED SKULL."

We are then taken back to the day before and Hawkeye is hanging out of a helicopter. Just as the villains are about to shoot Hawkeye, Captain America bursts through a window riding a motorcycle and jumps into the helicopter. Cap makes quick work of the agents and the duo manage to hold the pilot at gunpoint. Meanwhile Carol Danvers is watching what is going on while hunting down Tony, who it turns out (surprise surprise) is in a... gentleman's establishment. Tony claims to still be depressed about Wolverine's death. Danvers warns Tony that although Fury tolerated Stark's pathetic behaviour, she will not tolerate it.

Back in the air Captain is easily disposing of the A.I.M. operatives until he runs into the Ultimate Red Skull. Red Skull beats Captain America ruthlessly, without breaking a sweat. During the one-sided fight Red Skull whispers who he is to Steve before throwing him out of the chopper. Despite not having a parachute Hawkeye jumps out of his helicopter and manages to catch up to Cap and pull the chute, sending them both safely to the ground. Hawkeye asks Captain America who the guy was and Captain America answers: "He said he's my son."

General Comments

The first comic seemed to really lack any substance. The idea of a motorcycle crashing through a building to catch up with a helicopter is WAY too ridiculous and horribly impractical when you consider the copter was flying ABOVE the city. But minor plot holes aside, it wasn't a bad comic. The action went along smoothly, Hawkeye was a hoot to read (and yes, I just said hoot.) And the ending was a nice grabber. Ultimate Comics Avengers has the potential to be a great addition to your reading list.

Overall Rating

Pretty good artwork, the writing was okay, but not as good as a first book should be. Hopefully Millar will pick up his boot straps.

 Posted: 2009
 Staff: Aaron Pearson (E-Mail)