Spider-Woman (Vol. 3) #13

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Mike Fichera (E-Mail)


Vacationing on Spring Break in New Orleans, Spider-Brat releases a captive werewolf nun. Oops.

Story 'Sinner's Moon'

After sticking her nose where it didn't belong (i.e. breaking and entering), Mattie not only released Sister Werewolf, she also managed to get Marla and Cher arrested. JJJ paid their bail, while Mother Superior decided it's time to use lethal force to end the curse of Sister Ursula (the real name of the werewolf). When JJJ and company headed back to the cemetery, they met Mattie, dressed as a nun, dropping out of a tree warning them of the monster.

The wolf grabed Cheryl, and Mattie pursued. The sisters intercepted her and chided her for releasing the werewolf. Meanwhile, the wolf tore open Cher's blouse to look at the golden cross around her neck. The cops arrived and drove the beast out into the open, spraying useless bullets upon her. Spider-Woman came to the rescue, protecting Cher from a car tossed aside by the monster. Cher implied to Spider-Woman that she expected her to be there to save her, for some reason. Mother Superior held her fire, revealing that Sister Ursula is her daughter.

For reasons I'm sure will never be revealed, the birth of her daughter drove her to become a nun. Inexplicably, JJJ fired the gun killing the werewolf, saying he understands Mother Superior's pain (of having a werewolf for a child). (Funny, but I don't recall JJJ being able to kill his son when he turned into the Man-Wolf...)

On the ride home, Cher itched the scratch left on her by the werewolf. Looks like she's infected with a case of lycanthropy too!

Back in New York, Flesh complained of the rate of bodies she has been consuming. Enter the sinister and gaudy duo of Miss Itch and Mr. Scratch!

General Comments

I'll try to be positive. Nice cover art! I'm done.

Same review as last time. I don't care about Mattie Franklin.

Why did JJJ have an easy time killing the werewolf? New readers may not know his son was a werewolf. Old readers who know find it confusing why this would make it easier for him to kill.

Aren't Marla and Cher furious at Mattie for getting them arrested?

What's with Cher getting her blouse ripped down to her bra, Byrne? Sears? Ain't she just a kid?

How are we supposed to feel about the "heroine" of the story letting out the werewolf, who is then shot dead, deprived of any chance of a cure?

Overall Rating

One web.

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Mike Fichera (E-Mail)