Spider-Man and the X-Men #6

 Posted: Jul 2017
 Staff: David Favela (E-Mail)


The Sinister has appeared and he is ready to take on the X-Men and he has Spider-Man. How will the team do and is Spider-Man the professor that Storm wants in the Jean Gray School of Higher Learning? Ernst is the mole and why would she betray her classmates? Also, why is Spider-Man’s teaching evaluation “poor” and yet somehow each of the students have survived the worst. At least he scored “satisfactory” in the knowledge of subject field.

Story Details

The first page starts out with the annual review of Spider-Man's teaching abilities within the school and it is quite humorous to read the comments from Storm (you must check it out). The students are sitting in class waiting for Spider-Man unknown to them that he has been captured by The Sinister with the assistance of Ernst and No-Girl (Martha Johansson). They are not sure as to what could be keeping him so they decide to go find him. Spider-Man is in an unknown room with Ernst and The Sinister is looking to clone the X-Men and use them as slaves to do his bidding. Ernst is sorry for this but only assisted The Sinister so that her best friend No-Girl could get a body. Spider-Man is quick with his quips and is trying to figure out The Sinister’s first name and quickly comes up with Ted and it is quite hilarious how Kalan and Failla make this happen. This limited series has been homage to the classic Spider-Man that we all know and love.

As the other X-Men are looking for Spider-Man these students are really becoming a team and no longer fighting among each other or using snide comments to upset each other. They have truly become a team with an objective to find and save Professor S (I can safely assume you know who I am discussing). They steal Hank McCoy’s car aka the Beast mobile and arrive at a paper factory. They soon discover after each of them use their powers that something sinister is happening at the mall across the highway, no pun intended reader. As Spider-Man, Ernst and The Sinister are having a conversation about the stolen DNA he reveals the body of No-Girl, it is the clone body of Storm. The Sinister quickly adds that she has the power of a god but not the free will. That is a price too high for Ernst to pay…

The X-Men are closing in on our captured hero (well three hours later) and they discover the location of our hero in a closet door with The Sinister, the DNA, Ernst and No-Girl, and of course the new Sinister Six (he sure does like that name). As the team breaks down the door, The Sinister introduces Wolverine, Ice-Man, Beast, Storm, Nightcrawler, and Firestorm. As the team fights, Ernst is injured by the clone Storm, Shark-Girl is taken out by Wolverine, and Nightcrawler best Globb. The students quickly realize that they are not utilizing their abilities correctly and so they decide to switch it up, the clones are quickly destroyed as they are mindless and are not tactical. These students have become quite a fighting force. Spider-Man is not in the best condition from the blood loss and he runs out of web (no one ever read), destroys the DNA containers (bless the saints) and provides more humor and quip to the battle. Hellion (Julian) and Shark-Girl (Iara) fall in love, and Ernst goes on a rampage by ripping No-Girl out of the clone Storm and it is quite the art.

Spider-Man goes down for the count from the lack of blood in his body due to a withdraw from The Sinister and a blow to the head. As he awakes, he is visiting with Storm and the whole page is quite funny as Storm makes a joke. She then wants to visit with Spider-Man in a comfortable environment…so she takes him to the Danger Room. She recalls the events after Spider-Man blacked out by telling the recounts of the X-Men involved in the battle. She stated that it took some time to piece it together but when it was all done they understood what happened and each of the senior X-Men on the hearing panel (Beast, Storm and Rachel Sommers) were impressed with the students (a lot happens here so go read it, you will enjoy it).

Storm decides to give Ernst detention for five months instead of expulsion. She names Spider-Man a professor, Beast has no justice for his stolen car, and Storm compares Spider-Man to Wolverine. The students are waiting for Spider-Man in class…again and when he arrives, they are disappointed that they could not save the clones. Spider-Man tells them “someone once told me trying to save everyone is a recipe for guilt, sacrifice and disappointment. It’s not always possible. But you tried anyway and that’s always the right thing” One month later the students are running toward the meeting spot where they will meet Spider-Man and continue their quest into the city by saving people. The students want Spider-Man to say and he does “TO ME MY X-MEN!”

General Comments

This issue is the last one in a limited series that is a continuation of Wolverine & the X-Men, both Kalan and Failla have been outstanding in this series. I almost want to go back and re-review the 1st issue knowing how the ride ends but I still stand with the first review and although this issue is leaps and bounds above the first, this issue is the apex of Kalan and Failla’s creative ability. There have been so many Easter eggs in this book along with the series. There have been many adventures and each of the books have been different with a focus on each X-Men students (Hellion, Rockslide, Shark-Girl, Glob Herman, No-Girl, Eye-Boy, and Ernst). I was very skeptical to read this book at first, but I am grateful I did. I learned a lot about the X-Men world and I am so glad to have been exposed to the writing of Kalan and the art of Failla.

Overall Rating

This book was perfect in every aspect from the writing to the art. Each of the X-Men students reflected on what makes them great and how to work together. I know that many readers will enjoy this book very much. I like the cover with its homage to the traditional school class photo that we took in grade school. It is unfortunate it ended since Kalan could not commit to any more books and with the Secret Wars event. I hope that Kalan will decide to do another writing for Spider-Man and I will miss this series.

This limited series is over and what a ride it was! It was great to see these students go from X-Kids to X-Men.

 Posted: Jul 2017
 Staff: David Favela (E-Mail)