Spider-Man/Wolverine #3

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Peter Kroon (E-Mail)


An unmasked Peter Parker is being questioned extensively by an unkown agency along with a beaten and bruised Wolverine. The line of questioning seeks to uncover the events of the last thirty-six hours. Sounds familiar? Yep, that's how the previous issue started as well...

Story Details

Peter and Logan tell about what happened Paris. The have an address and Logan enters the building with Peter chances into his Spider-Man suit. Logan finds somethign chemical inside. It turns out to be a bomb and Spider-Man rescues him as it goes off.

Outside, a car is speeding towards them. Logan pushes Spider-Man out of the way and is then run over by the car. Spider-Man goes after the car. Meanwhile, Logan turns out to be underneath the car and uses his claws to cut of parts of the car. When on top of the car he sees it's speeding towards a tanker. Then, with only feet to spare, Spider-Man grabs the car and swings off.

Spidey passes out and when he regains consciousness, Lopagn is interrogating the driver. They need to go to Switzerland next. Peter makes call home and then they wait for the X-Men's plane. Next stop, a snowy mountain near a lake.

Then, men in white camouflage suits emerge from the snow and surround Logan and Peter. One of the guys takes off his cap, revealing a black eye patch. He then shoots Logan.

General Comments

What can I say? I hated the bickering last time, so this time I tried to stay away from it. Oh, it's still there, in the story, but I simply choose to tell you what happened. All that I said about last issue goes for this one as well. It's more of the same, only the locaction has changed.

Cyclops is flying the plane, he takes Peter and Logan to Switzerland and drops then there. Where are the other X-Men? Why don't they lend a hand? Wolverine was captured and tortured in issue 1 and it looked like he was in over his head. To me, not helping Logan is very strange, after all, he's part of the team.

Finally, there's the guy with the eye patch. He looks like Nick Fury, but is it really him? Don't know. And since I'm disliking this series more with each new installment, I'm not going back to issue 1 to look up the actual face of Nick Fury.

Overall Rating

Only 2 webs this time. Why? I did not like this issue. In fact, I found it to be boring and not at all funny. Nothing new, compared to the previous issue. And I'm currently starting to wonder why did they have to make this Spider-Man and Wolverine team-up series? Better luck next time.

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Peter Kroon (E-Mail)