Web of Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #27

 Posted: 2005
 Staff: Kerry Wilkinson (E-Mail)


We're still in flashback territory here while the writers wait to link up in a crossover with Amazing to end the Hobgoblin / Ned Leeds arc in two issues (months) time.

Story 'Scared To Succeed'

Pete and Ben Urich are at a trial where a car company's executive (Lee Camino) has been acquitted of murdering another. He spots a big guy (Headhunter) in the crowd who seems to have spooked. We see a cutscene where it shows Headhunter killing the other car exec. Pete takes the guy's pic but gets his camera crushed. He puts a tracer on him.

Back at his home and it's revealed that a strike at Lee's company is going to make him bankrupt and that if it does, because of some weird contract, he'll have to hand over his son to another company called 'Executive Services'.

Headhunter snatches Danny while Lee tells his company to give the strikers everything they want. Spidey goes looking for Headhunter. It turns out that Executive Services gave money to Lee for him to start a business with the strange contract clause regarding his first-born if it failed. Headhunter is their baliff.

Spidey tracks Headhunter down to an office block where he has Lee's son - Danny. A bomb goes off courtesy of HH's henchmen. Spidey survives and fights HH while Lee saves his son.

General Comments

Another mediocre story with no support cast. There's not much more to be said that I didn't say in the lat review. The decline of Web Of... while the writers wait for the imminent crossover is pretty poor. The stories themselves aren't too bad but are just wasted. They don't have that Spidey-feel to them. The hero could be anyone - not even necessarily a super-hero and the outcome would be the same.

If Web is to be used for crossovers and to forward the main stories, then why not do that? If, however, it is to be its own device with exclusive characters like Joy, then why not do that? This third way of padding out issues to make everything line up in the longer run just leaves it all the more unsatisfying in the short term.

Overall Rating

 Posted: 2005
 Staff: Kerry Wilkinson (E-Mail)