Spectacular Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #186

 Posted: Feb 2011
 Staff: Jeremy Roby (E-Mail)


The Vulture hasn’t had a solo storyline for quite a while. The last time we saw him was in the Return of the Sinister Six storyline starting in Amazing Spider-Man #334. Ironically, at the same time this story is taking place he’s also starring in the Revenge of the Sinister Six storyline starting in Spider-Man #18.

Story 'Settling Scores'

We open this issue with the Vulture, who dispatches a small-time hood, named Frankie Fillmore, who snitched on him in the past by tossing him off a building.

Meanwhile, Spider-Man is searching all the old Green Goblin hideouts still looking for Harry.

Meanwhile meanwhile, the Vulture continues his rampage. We see him in his old Staten Island hideout (from way back in Amazing Spider-Man #2). He’s beating up on yet another former accomplice, named Gregory. Through the Vulture’s extended monologue we finally find out why he’s so hell bent on settling old scores. It seems he’s dying of cancer, caused by the magnetic field of his flight harness. And he wants to die with a clean slate. His ranting over, he then snaps Gregory’s neck.

Elsewhere, MJ is visiting Aunt May, and the two engage in some girl talk about their favorite guy – namely Peter.

Cue the obligatory fight scene. Spider-Man is swinging through the city, on his way to meet Aunt May and MJ, when the Vulture spots him. They have a quick skirmish. The Vulture tells Spider-Man that he’s stronger now because he’s maxed out the power on his magnetic harness (since more radiation won’t hurt him anyway). But just when he gets the upper hand, he suddenly ditches Spider-Man on a rooftop because he remembers he has a much more important errand. And Spider-Man doesn’t follow because it’s raining too hard (really, that’s the excuse he uses).

Flash forward a few hours and we see Peter and MJ leaving Aunt May’s house after dinner. Aunt May walks upstairs and is horrified to see the Vulture sitting menacingly on her window sill.

General Comments

Once again, DeMatteis puts a new spin on a seemingly worn-out villain.

Overall Rating

We’ll wait and see where this leads.

 Posted: Feb 2011
 Staff: Jeremy Roby (E-Mail)