Spectacular Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #41

 Posted: Nov 2011
 Staff: Dan North (E-Mail)


The Looter (or the Meteor Man) first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #36, which is a fabulous issue. He last appeared (before this issue) in Marvel Team Up #34 and he last appeared in real time in Sensational Spider-Man #8.

Story 'Meteor Madness!'

  Spectacular Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #41
Summary: Meteor Man (aka The Looter), Giant Man
Editor: Denny O'Neil
Writer: Tom DeFalco
Pencils: Jim Mooney
Inker: Jim Mooney
Cover Art: Al Milgrom
Articles: The Looter

The spectacular Spider-Man swings through the city at full speed desperately attempting to reach the University (where he is a student teacher). Clutched in his webbed hand is a paper that is overdue and if it’s late Peter Parker’s entire academic career is doomed! In a really cool display of Peter’s use of his powers Spider-Man clings to the ceiling and sneaks into his professor’s office and slips his paper into the pile of other papers.

As Spider-Man is leaving the University he spots the campus security speeding down the block and he swings off in a panel reminiscent of Amazing Spider-Man #38’s cover.

The campus police investigate a huge hole in the University laboratory and are attacked by the Meteor Man (the Looter) who is attempting to steal microwaves from the laboratory. Spider-Man appears and they have a very meta fight (more on that later).

Across the campus William Foster a.k.a. Giant Man (formerly Black Goliath) is about to make a presentation to a group of students when word of the Meteor Man/Spider-Man fight reaches the presentation Foster runs off to join the fray. Meteor Man is successfully trouncing Spider-Man when Giant Man burst in and the three battle. Meteor Man escapes and Giant Man and Spider-Man give chase.

They arrive at Meteor Man’s hide out and attack him just as he is beginning an experiment that renders Fester a giant. They engage in a building spanning battle and Meteor Man overheats and explodes.

General Comments

This issue is just a lot of fun. Giant Man’s inclusion feels a little forced and the ending was a little rushed but those are nitpicks. The villain rants by Fester were just amazing! I loved the "cold opener" with Spidey at E.S.U. and I didn't realize until the end of the issue that Peter Parker didn't appear once in the issue, yet his presence was felt! That's genius. When Meteor Man mentioned that he only seems to fight Spider-Man during their fight I got a kick out of it as well. Very meta.

Overall Rating

This was an issue that had plenty of flaws, but it was presented in a nice fun package and was a fun reading experience.

 Posted: Nov 2011
 Staff: Dan North (E-Mail)