Spider-Man/Red Sonja #4

 Posted: 2007
 Staff: Peter Kroon (E-Mail)


The Hyborian sorcerer Kulan Gath, in an attempt to build a power base from which he can conquer his native land, has once again struck at modern-day Manhattan. Taking over the body of Senator Bryan Glass and altering it into his own twisted image, Kulan unleashed a wave of dark magic that is transforming New York City - and all in it - into a Hyborian version of itself.

Only one man - Peter Parker, the web-slinging Spider-Man - is immune to Gath's magic. To ensure that his wall-crawling foes does not interfere with his plans this time, Gath has set his own arch-nemesis against him... by transforming Spider-Man's wife, Mary Jane, into the She-Devil with a sword, Red Sonja!

Sonja attacked the wall-crawler, forcing him to fight against an opponent he knew in reality was MJ! And if that wasn't enough, a new player has entered the battlefield - a warrior that Gath now wants as his own - the sinister symbiotic super-villain known as Venom!

While Gath engaged the vicious Venom, Spider-Man and the rest of Gath's prisoners were liberated by the fiery-haired Sonja! Now fighting as allies, Spidey and Sonja were attacked by some familiar faces - Hobgoblin, Scorpion, and the Lizard - now altered by Hyborian magics! Meanwhile, Gath defeated the sinister symbiote to become... Kulan Venom!

Story Details

Red Sonja and Spider-Man are standing back to back, they are under attack by the Lizard, Hobgoblin and the Scorpion. Robbie leads the prisoners away, but is attacked as well. Meanwhile, Hobgoblin takes Red Sonja and flies away with her.

Hobgoblin tries to kiss her and is not paying to attention to where he is flying. They pass a barrier that separates the Hyborian part of New York from the regular, current, NY. There the police summon them both to lower their weapons. Hobgoblins leaves the scene quickly.

Spider-Man is still fighting the Lizard and the Scorpion. Robbie comes to help him, with the rest of the prisoners. Then a Venom like creatures arrives. Spidey wonders whethers that is Gath. It's Kulan Venom, and he wants Red Sonja. Using magic, he defeats Spider-Man.

In the yet unaltered part of New York, Red Sonja is going after the Hobgoblin. She jumps on a train to be able to get to him. Together they crash into a pile of Spidey toys. Hobgoblin gets the upper hand and Red Sonja passes out. Then Mary Jane is calling out to Red Sonja. MJ tells her to help Peter, so they all can get their lives back. Red Sonja regains her strength and forces the Hobgoblin to land his glider. Then, as Red Sonja is about to strike him with her sword, the police shoot her.

General Comments

Actually, this is just a long fight scene, with a lot of large panels. Nothing much to add to it. Just buy the book and enjoy the pictures.

Overall Rating

A fine issue. But a full web less than last time, the balance action versus story could have been better. Other than that, the art has improved again! Well done and I can't hardly wait for the wrap up of this series!

 Posted: 2007
 Staff: Peter Kroon (E-Mail)