Spider-Man/Power Pack #3 (Story 1)

 Posted: 2007


The Power Pack had just moved to New York with their parents and had their first adventure by teaming-up with Spider-Man and then helping him when he was temporarily de-aged. Now that he's back to normal, he's not about to forget his new friends...

Story 'Project: Run Away'

  Spider-Man/Power Pack #3 (Story 1)
Summary: Spider-Man Appears
Arc: Part 1 of 'Fashion-Sense Tingling!' (1-2)
Editor: Nathan Cosby
Writer: Marc Sumerak
Artist: GuriHiri

Jack is a little miffed that after all they been through with Spidey, he hasn't so much as sent them an E-Mail. Alex tries to defend Spidey, but Jack just shrugs it off. That is until Julie and Katie come in with a note Spidey left webbed to their window, thanking them and giving them tickets to Fashion Week. Jack's happy moment is spoiled at the revelation of their gift, citing he had no interest in it. The others say he can stay home and Alex says he'll tell the supermodels Jack said hi. That was quick to change Jack's mind into coming along.

At the show, Peter Parker thanks his wife Mary Jane for the tickets. Rudolpho, the fashion designer MJ is modeling for, joins them and Spidey's spider-sense starts buzzing. Something seems familiar about Rudolpho, but Spidey can't place it. Peter watches as he and MJ head off to do their show.

Six months ago, Rudolpho emerges form a fabric shop juggling rolls, his coffee and talking on his cell phone when he bumps into someone, spilling the coffee all over the fabric. Rudolpho yells at the offender, but soon regrets it as he turns out to be Venom! Suddenly, Spidey shows up and knocks Venom away from Rudolpho. The two tangle, Venom overpowering Spidey until Spidey can get in one good kick. Just then, the Human Torch arrives with a sonic blaster from Mr. Fantastic's lab, Spidey apparently trailing Venom all the while. Torch hands it over and Spidey lets Venom have a full dose of sonics, separating Eddie Brock from the symbiote.

While Eddie is being carted off by Guardsmen from the Vault, Spidey and Torch wonder where the symbiote is if Eddie no longer has it. That question is answered in a nearby alley where Rudolpho tries to explain to his boss why he's running late, but gets fired in the process. But Rudolpho hardly needs that job anymore now that he has...the symbiote.

Back in the present, the Power Pack enjoy their front row seats at the fashion show. Well, all of them except for Jack who finds it dull compared to super heroics. Rudolpho is introduced and the show begins with him showing off his new line of clothing made from a fabric that can alter it's appearance to fit any need. Julie loves the idea, but Jack reminds her that their own costumes already do that. Peter snaps some pictures of MJ but when he says his name out loud, something happens to MJ's dress and it goes crazy and somehow says his name. Not only that, but the other models' clothes have the same effect. Suddenly, all their clothing have become replicas of Venom's costume, and they remember who Peter Parker is!

Rudolpho makes for the back exit, realizing his career is now over, but Spidey catches up to him and demands answers. Rudolpho explains that he took the fabric to a lab to have it analyzed and replicated, thinking it was just some special fabric and nothing more. He had to do whatever it took to get to the top of his cutthroat industry. Meanwhile, the Pack suit up and try their best to evade and take down the Venom models. Energizer manages to separate one of the models from her suit with a blast, but it quickly recovers and tries to nab her until Zero-G pulls it off. Spidey swings in and then puts down another model coming for him from behind.

The heroes group together and Spidey informs them this is one of those bad experiences with alien costumes he mentioned in the previous issue. Mass Master sets out to do some damage to one of the models, but Spidey saves her from his attack reminding them that there are innocent people inside those suits. Lightspeed wonders how they can beat them if they can't touch them, and Spidey tells them of their weakness to sonics.

Lightspeed takes the cue and creates a sonic book around the models, separating them from the suits and allowing them to get away. But, the symbiotes just wont' stay down. Mass Master heads over to the DJ table and blasts some techno music at high volume, delivering the final blow to the symbiotes. Later, the police and Guardsmen arrive for clean-up duty and Spidey thanks the pack for their help. Lightspeed thinks Rudolpho was on to something, the symbiote's tendrils and color being fashionable. Energizer passes on the idea saying their costumes are just fine because they don't fight back, unaware that a small piece of symbiote has stayed stuck to her back...

General Comments

Well, apparently Venom here is much different from the one we all know, as that Venom couldn't be separated from his symbiote without both of them dying. These little changes in characters can be confusing to long-time readers, but fortunately doesn't detract from the story any. In fact, these kind of methods should've been used in the Ultimate approach ideally. The use of the symbiote was creative and created all sorts of new problems for the heroes. Better yet, the cliffhanger ending really left me eagerly anticipating the next issue to find out what's gonna happen.

Overall Rating

5 Webs. Creative ideas and another light and fun issue that really make this book worth the read.

 Posted: 2007