Spider-Man Marvel Adventures #11

 Posted: Jun 2011


This Spider-Man is different than you remember. It is targeted towards kids, and has a slightly different continuity and background to the hero we all remember. Still, the important thing here is that Spidey’s name tops the book’s header, so, in this fashion we know it’s still all about him — as a teen in the modern-day world.

Story Details

Spider-man is in the Florida Everglades, being attacked by none other than the Lizard as Chat and others watch. As Chat keeps the on-lookers back, Spidey manages to drive the Lizard off, only he returns and Spidey resumes fighting with him as the locals are concerned about their livestock and themselves becoming the Lizard’s next meal. Spidey fights the Lizard off and the locals chase after the man-beast. Meanwhile Spidey and Chat head into the nearby ghost town, after Chat stops to grab a chicken to help them navigate through the town (according to Chat, the chicken has been living in the town for years, and apparently chickens are smarter than most people think).

We flash back to NYC where Pete & Chat convince Aunt May to allow Peter to travel with Chat to meet her cousin Sarah and Dr. Curt Connors in Florida where they will be studying the genetic structure of Gators native to the everglades. Only once the get to Florida, Sarah (who was supposed to meet them at the airport), wasn’t there, and even Dr. Connors isn’t in his lab. Peter is afraid that something has happened causing Dr. Connors to revert to the Lizard. He has Chat talk to the animals while he talks to the townspeople.

They piece together that yes, the Lizard has returned, and has headed towards the old town, which brings us up to date, and into the company of her cousin. Sarah tells how the stress of the study caused Curt to turn into the Lizard and escape into the swamp. Sarah indicates that she thinks she has an antidote, and has been searching for Curt to give it to him so he can change back. After a brief search they locate the Lizard who immediately tries to eat Spidey. The two fight and flail off into the wetlands.

Eventually Spidey manages to web up Lizard and pour the serum down his throat. The Doc passes out and right about the locals show up angry and looking for Lizard. Naturally enough, they want to kill him, but Chat summons numerous animals (including a panther), who all stand by the unconscious body of the Lizard defending him. With the locals sent away, and Curt cured (for now), Pete and Chat head for home, when they are on the plane, Pete acknowledges that he enjoys having a partner in whom he can trust, and then proceeds to fall asleep, exhausted on her shoulder.

General Comments

As usual, the story sort of mirrors what happened back in the Amazing title back in the ‘60s, but has been simplified and filtered for kids. The story is presented well enough and we are beginning to become fond of these characters.

Overall Rating

We are still not a big fan of the angular art, and the story does seem a bit simple.


There is a five-page Thor back-up previewing Thor the Mighty Avenger in this comic.

 Posted: Jun 2011