Spider-Man Marvel Adventures #9

 Posted: Mar 2011


This is not the Spider-Man you remember, this one is target towards kids, and has, a Brand New continuity and background to the hero we all remember. The only thing we can point out is, the important thing here is that Spidey’s name tops the book’s header, so, in this fashion we know it’s still all about him — as a teen in the modern-day world.

Story Details

On his way to see Chat, Peter witness a burglary and decides to help as Agent Nine! (Yeah, you read that right. Still stinging from all the bad publicity that Spidey has gotten recently, Peter is still test-driving new superhero identities). Unfortunately his arrival on the scene only elicits blank stares as no one has ever heard of him, and thus doesn’t know how to react. Still, “Agent Nine” leaps into action taking down the thugs even as one of them swipes a woman’s purse and takes off on a segue.

After finishing off his buddies, “Agent Nine” takes off in a jog after the escaping thug, and easily catches up to him. He almost has the guy convinced to stop and surrender when Wolverine suddenly appears and cold-cocks the guy. Then Wolvie turns to “Nine” and identifies him as Spidey, which “Nine” quickly denies to no avail, as Wolvie has his scent. The X-Men goes on to explain that he is tracking Vulture and wants Spidey’s help in nailing him. So “Nine” calls Chat (who is with her sister) and explains to her that he is going off with Wolverine for a bit to help.

The girls head over to the Blonde Phantom Detective Agency where Emma is contemplating joining the agency as a way to make amends for all of the “naughty” things she’s done with her mind-control powers. Chat is trying to talk her sister in to joining the agency. Across town, Wolverine and Spider-man are trailing a man who carrying a package. Wolverine explains to Spidey that the Vulture has been intercepting couriers making deliveries to the local mob bosses. As they watch the bag man, the vulture comes swooping out of the sky and attacks the courier.

Back at Peter’s place, he and chat talk about the day’s events as Pete gets into a disguise so that he and Wolverine can capture the Vulture in the act. Later on, he and Logan arrive at a mobbed-up trucking supply location, looking to make a pick-up of cash to be delivered. They easily manage to get the job, mostly because all the other couriers have been frightened off by the continued assaults by the Vulture. So, for the next several days, Logan and (a disguised) Pete make the deliveries as they wait for Vulture to pounce. A week later, they realize that this plan isn’t working, and Pete suggests a new plan.

That night at the Torino mansion, Spidey & Wolvie stake the place out waiting for Vulture to show up. That night, he does just that. As Vulture approaches Wolverine and Spider-man attack and subdue him, relieving him of a bag full of money. As it turns out Torino had hired Vulture to hijack all of the money shipments (even his own, so as to keep suspicion off himself). With Vulture captured, Wolverine carts him off to the authorities and Spidey heads for home.

General Comments

I’m really starting to like the interplay of the characters in this series, especially the fact that Wolverine keeps stopping by, as it sort of ties Spidey to a larger Marvel Universe. Plus the fact that he (finally) has someone (chat) to talk to about his secret identity.

Overall Rating

The stories are fun and all, in and of themselves, I just still need to get over the fact that they really aren’t written for me.


The irony of this series is that, in some way, both Pete & Spidey seem more like “themselves” then they do these days in Amazing Spider-Man.

 Posted: Mar 2011