Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane #9

 Posted: 2006


Mary Jane really likes Peter but Peter has been spending loads of time with the new girl, Gwen Stacy. Mary Jane, being her usual self, can't seem to deal with her issues straight on so she goes back and forth with her decision to tell him how she really feels for him. There's also another problem. She's starting to really like Gwen and she's afraid of hurting her by getting in between her and Peter if they are really beginning a relationship with each other.

Meanwhile, on a Spider-Man front, Spidey has been fighting with the Looter all over town but can't seem to defeat and capture him What's up with that?

Story 'The Gwen Thing'

During rehearsals one day, Mary Jane finds it more than difficult focusing on her lines while Gwen Stacy, the new girl in school, sits in the auditorium watching. But afterwards Gwen meets up with MJ outside in the halls to tell her that she enjoyed the little that she got to watch. They make fun of the drama teacher which is followed by a nice awkward silence between the two. See, Gwen is still new so she's trying her best not to step on anyone's toes, especially MJ's.

It seems Gwen's meeting with MJ is more then just a friendly hello. It seems that Peter had to "help" his aunt with something so he asked Gwen to tell MJ that he couldn't meet up with her later to study algebra. Finding time that both Mary Jane and Peter are free is getting to be nearly impossible. But just because the two girls were both sort of blown off doesn't mean they can't hang out together. It appears that while Mary Jane is trying to figure out if she should try to get in between Gwen and Peter, Gwen is busy trying to become Mary Jane's friend.

On a news cast we hear that Spider-Man has been seen fighting with the Looter and that this is the 5th time now that they've tangled, but it seems that Spider-Man just isn't a match for the Looter and he gets away yet again. Mary Jane asks if Gwen's a fan and Gwen reveals that a) she is not a fan of someone who gets in the way of real police work and b) that her father is a captain on the police force and is the reason why they've moved to Queens.

Gwen father has this thing about living in the community he's sworn to protect so every few years they have to move again, just when it seems like Gwen is starting to feel comfortable. She confines in Mary Jane that Peter just has been the greatest thing for her. She has a hard time making friends in a new place but being with Peter, it's just so easy. He's so genuine that she already feels like they've been friends for a long time. Gwen also mentions that it's hard for her to make friends because she has this talent of saying the worst thing at the worst time.

To prove this point about herself she goes on to tell Mary Jane how much Peter likes her, how he always talks about her and brings her up when they're talking about something else. Gwen goes on to then say how she probably shouldn't have told MJ that.

Later at the Bean, Liz is excited about the news. Gwen told MJ that Peter really likes him, that should be all that needs to be said about that, according to Liz, but MJ seems to think that, even though Gwen told her Peter likes her, she believes that Gwen likes Peter too. It was something about the way she looked when she was talking about him. Liz can't stand it anymore and says the best line of the series so far: "The Homecoming Queen and the pretty new blonde chick are after the same nerd. What's wrong with this world?" Man, I love Liz.

On the stairways back at school, Tris, Harry's newest arm candy, approaches Mary Jane asking if she thinks Harry has been acting strangely lately, when Harry shows up and can't believe that Tris and MJ are speaking to one another. He asks what they were talking about, when Gwen walks by at the perfect moment, giving Mthe perfectg opportunity to change the subject. Harry takes one look at Gwen and moves in to introduce himself. Tris grabs Harry by the arm and pulls him away from the "pretty new blonde chick" as MJ and Gwen watch dumbfounded.

Commenting on how not subtle Harry is, Gwen also mentions that it must be easy to not have to be subtle when you're that gorgeous. Mary Jane quickly acts on this saying that if Gwen would like she could maybe set them up or something. Gwen pretty much shrugs it off saying that even though he is a hottie, she'd take a guy who can make her laugh over a hot guy any day. Tough break, MJ.

Asking to be excused from class, MJ gets startled as she's getting a drink at the water fountain. They make some small talk about they never really see each other when Peter asks her how Harry's doing. Remember that Peter thinks Harry is the guy that MJ is all boy-crazy over when in fact it's really him. Peter then asks Mary Jane if she'd like to come to the arcade later tonight with him and Gwen. Mary Jane backs down saying that usually after rehearsals, she's completely drained. Peter keeps trying to include MJ in his life, but MJ keeps avoiding him.

In the school counselor's office, Mary Jane is telling Mr. Limke how she really likes this boy but that this other girl also likes him and she's not sure if getting in between them is the right thing to do. Mr. Limke stands up and tells her that she only has one shot at life and if she really wants to be with this boy then she has to tell him. If there's something she wants she has to learn to do whatever it is to get it. Man, when I was in school my school counselor was only interested in my plans after graduation.

Standing at the bus stop, Liz is complaining about another girl in the cheerleading squad who is trying to come up with new cheers on her own. This, of courses, upsets our fragile Liz Allen who is in charge of the squad. The bus arrives and Liz gets on, only to turn around and she she's the only one. MJ is standing back away from the bus. She tells her that she can't come with her, that she has to get to the arcade.

At the arcade Peter and Gwen are playing some fighter game that looks like a constructor worker versus a short-order cook. Whatever. Gwen wins but quickly realizes that Peter let her win, which is just the sweetest thing to her. Just has Mary Jane runs into the arcade, she's just in time to see Gwen lean up and romantically kiss Peter.

General Comments

Gwen could make it so much easier for Mary Jane to finally go ahead and admit to Peter that MJ really has strong feelings for him, possibly getting in the way of Gwen and Peter being together, if only Gwen wasn't such a nice, genuine person. With Peter "mysteriously" having to be other places, Gwen decides to try and hang out with Mary Jane, only to end up talking about how much Peter really likes MJ.

This causes Mary Jane to question whether or not Gwen really has a thing for nerdy ol' Peter. If she did then way tell MJ that Peter talks about her all the time. Wouldn't she want to keep that from MJ if Gwen really wanted something to happened between her and Peter instead of Mary Jane and Peter?

Talking to Mr Limke, the school counselor, finally gets Mary Jane to go running to the arcade to finally confess to Peter how much she likes him only it appears she's a minute late and a dollar short. During a sweet moment at an arcade game, Gwen discovers that Peter let her win and in her moment of romantic weakness pulls him close and kisses him just as Mary Jane walks in the door.

Overall Rating

Even though it is still great writing I'm getting a bit tired of the Mary Jane's indecisiveness to tell Peter how much he means to her. One moment she can't make up her mind, then the next she's not going to tell him so that he can be happy with Gwen, then the next she's running across town to spill her heart out to him. Either do it or not, but at least make a decision so we can move on with the story, or at least start a new one.

Even with the complaint about dragging this storyline a bit too long, we all know what has to happen; Peter ends up dating Gwen way before he dates Mary Jane. Yes this series doesn't take place in the current Marvel Universe, but it is suppose to be a back story to it, so they can't very well have Peter go out with Mary Jane before Gwen (this isn't the Ultimate Universe or anything). We all know Peter is going to end up with Gwen for a little while, and yes, this book is told from Mary Jane's perspective, but really, resolve this "should I tell him, shouldn't I tell him" storyline and move on to something different.

 Posted: 2006