Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane #1

 Posted: 2006


With the highly successful mini-series of Mary Jane and Mary Jane: Homecoming, writer Sean McKeever and artist, Takeshi Miyazawa have teamed up again, this time to create a new monthly Spider-Man book featuring a teenage Mary Jane.

In the last mini-series, things got out of hand at the Homecoming dance, what with Mary Jane being elected Homecoming Queen instead of Liz, which causes Flash to think this as some kind of sign that he and MJ should be together. Liz becomes furious at Flash but before finding out how things turn out Mary Jane makes a quick get-away. Later, hanging out with Mary Jane, Liz tells her she decked Flash and left the dance. The two good friends patch things up between themselves and leave the guys to themselves.

Story 'The Boyfriend Thing'

As Peter tries to help Mary Jane study for Algebra, she can't pull her attention away for the news story depicting Spider-Man saving a number of hostages from Dr. Octopus. Turning off the television, she notices Peter staring at her and as she returns his gaze, she embarrasses him, turning his face a bright scarlet as he tries to hide it behind his textbook. Instead of seeing his actions being a result of his affection for her, she merely passes it off as Peter being his normal weird self.

At Midtown High, MJ thanks Peter for his help but before he can fully deliver his compliment, telling her she's pretty smart already, Harry pops up and buts in asking if they're still on for a History study sessions later. She excuses herself and confronts Harry, saying it's a crummy thing that he's doing using Peter to get to her. Every time she looks at Harry all she can think about is Homecoming and what a mess that all was. She still needs some space from him and Harry's just not making it easy on her.

Later, Mary Jane runs into Liz at the Coffee Bean. Things are still weird between them what with the way Flash confessed his love for MJ at Homecoming. Trying to patch things up, MJ sits down with her anyway. Even though they are no longer dating Harry and Flash, Liz sees this as a good thing - now Liz and MJ can go out and pick up guys together. Mary Jane on the other hand still needs time away for all that kind of drama and besides MJ already has her sights set on someone new - Spider-Man. Liz laughs, of course, even after MJ tries to justify it by counting the number of times he has saved her and the fact that the last time he even knew her name. Liz blows it off and tries to get her to double with some other guy that just came on the market, but really, MJ could care less.

Later that night at the library Peter finally finds Mary Jane bent over a table filled with newspaper articles. It seems she's mapping out Spider-Man sightings and actually doing a good job, coming up with the knowledge that he probably commutes from Queens. Peter is obviously confused about this until she tells him her reasons; she wants to date Spider-Man. Of course, this sends Peter into hysterical laughter and what is obviously funny to him isn't so much to her. She takes serious offense to Peter's reaction and vows to him that they will be together, all the while, not knowing she's actually talking to him.

Tracking him all over town, Mary Jane tries her best to meet up with Spider-Man face to face but she always just messes him after he has webbed up the likes of the Shocker and the Beetle. Finally she catches him as he's finishing up with someone who could be the Jackal but I'm not sure. MJ flat out asks him to go out some time but is pretty much shot down. Spider-Man starts to explain that if they were together that he'd always be worried about something happening to her because of his secret identity but stops himself from saying too much. He swings away telling her no and to stop chasing him. She's only going to get herself hurt. She whispers to herself, after he's gone, that it's too late.

Back in Mary Jane's room (I can only guess that it is her bedroom, what with the girlie posters and pictures on the walls) MJ turns off the TV just as a Spider-Man story comes on. A surprised Peter asks her what's up and she tells him that he said no to her and that she's over this little obsession. Plus there's something new on her mind, as she hands him a flier for drama try-outs. Peter makes a joke about her being a great actor because she's so dramatic and she hits him for it but there's something in her glance at him, something that wasn't there before.

General Comments

After getting school help from Peter, Mary Jane decides that it is time to track down Spider-Man and get him to go out with her. Both Peter and Liz think she's crazy but she won't listen to them. After a small confrontation with Harry about how he's not giving her enough space after the events at Homecoming, MJ starts following Spider-Man around town trying to get his attention. Finally catching up to him, she asks him for a date and he quickly declines telling her it could never work. With this latest obsession behind her she decides that maybe she should try out for the drama club.

Overall Rating

After reading the two mini-series and loving both of them, I was completely looking forward to this title to come out and now after having finished reading through it I'm glad that the quality of work that the artist and writer have contributed together is still dead-on. After reading my numerous other Spider-Man books that come in each week, this character driven story is a nice change of pace. Without worrying about the next big bad-guy that Spider-Man must face to keep readers reading, this book has to rely on telling a compelling story without the benefits of high paced action and gimmicks (i.e. a new costume). Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane is a breath of fresh air and if you are not already picking this book up then you should, and if you haven't already got the two mini-series pick those up as well.

 Posted: 2006