Spider-Man: House of M #2

 Posted: 2005
 Staff: Joey Andrade (E-Mail)


Wanda Maximoff loses control of her reality-altering powers. Doing so, she destroys the Avenger's mansion and kills a couple of her friends in the process. Both the X-men and the New Avengers meet to discuss what the appropriate resposnse is in handling this new crisis. It is decided that she must pay with her life. Mere moments before anything takes place, everything disappears. The world as we knew it vanishes into white. In its place, a world where mutants are the majority and their rule is law. Every hero has received their wish of a perfect life. For Peter Parker, he is married to Gwen, Uncle Ben is alive, Spiderman is famous and JJ Jameson works for Peter as his publicist. Life is great or is it? A new Green Goblin has solicited the help of JJ, in hopes of taking down Spiderman.

Story Details

The story opens with Jameson lying in garbage. He is confused and disorientated. Quickly he remembers the night before and his arrangement with the new Green Goblin. Jameson holds in his hands Peter Parker's personal journal. He now has the "...goods on Parker.", but is far from the city. Jameson must find a way back. There are a few flashbacks of Peter as a frail, uncertain teenager. Jameson believes his journey to be well worth it.

Meanwhile, Peter Parker is on a national TV talk show with MJ Watson promoting his new movie, Spiderman: The Final Chapter. MJ's flirtatious nature causes Gwen to feel a sense of uneasiness. After the interview, the Rhino shows Peter a picture of the previous night's security camera. It is a shot of the Green Goblin on a glider holding Jameson by the throat. Peter quickly thinks of his time before fame and fortune. He remembers the day he bought Jameson away from the Bugle for a lot of money. Peter gives orders to the Rhino to find out if it was indeed Crusher Hogan in the Green Goblin suit, because he is known as the Green Goblin in the wrestling world . Peter shouts to the Rhino to not lay a hand on Crusher, but is unsure if the Rhino heard his orders.

At that moment, Jameson is still walking his way back to the city. Penniless, Jameson can barely afford a simple bottle of water.

The Rhino, who clearly didn't hear Peter's plea to not harm Crusher, pounds Crusher into submission.

Peter confronts Norman Osborn about the glider seen in the surveillance camera. Osborn drops the bomb that the glider isn't on of his, that it is in fact one of Peter's gliders.

Jameson makes his way into the subway terminal, which Peter is able to track to that location. As Spiderman makes his way into the subway system, he is immediately mobbed by his fans. Spiderman does all he can to get away without harming anyone. In front of a news crew, Jameson reveals his startling story.

JAMESON: Ladies and Gentlemen, this journal reveals the truth about Peter Parker! His powers are not genetic! They are the result of a laboratory accident when he was a teenager. That's right! Remember for the rest of your lives where you were and what you were doing the day you learned that the world-famous Spiderman is not a mutant----he is a HOMO SAPIEN!

SPIDERMAN: ...no, no, no, no...

General Comments

I love stories that take a character and really put them through the ringer. Spiderman is the ultimate "feel bad for" character. Through out his life, nearly everything goes wrong, but he still manages to survive. Up until recently, his life has hit a plateau. It is always fun to see a favored hero fall, only to rise up again. With that said, Spiderman: House of M shows that even when Spidey has it all that things can still get tough. The art by Salvador Larroca is fun. There are plenty of little moments that really let you soak up the story. Mark Waid's tale of Parker Luck is fun and adventurous. This is a break from seriousness in comics and a good light-hearted adventure. However, do darker times await our shaved headed hero? Read on to the next review to find out.

Overall Rating

A solid three webs is given for a nice story with good art.

 Posted: 2005
 Staff: Joey Andrade (E-Mail)