Spider-Man Family (Vol. 2) #9 (Story 5)

 Posted: 2008

Story 'Impending Doom'

Spidey comes across a flaming kid who identifies himself as Johnny Storm, the Human Torch, of Super Power Unit: Fantastic Four from America. Spidey learns how much of a hothead Torch can be before suggesting they might team up, both being teen heroes. Johnny shoots him down, saying he's sick of being on a team and flying solo. But, he decides to use Spidey's offer against him to take down a rock creature chasing him from America. Ben Grimm, the Thing, fights Spidey until they realize the misunderstanding Johnny caused and that Ben was one of his teammates. Ben reveals their origin tied in with the maniacal Dr. Doom Johnny had screwed up the plan to defeat him back in America, and came to Japan where Doom now is to take him down. The heroes rush to find Johnny, only to discover Doom had already defeated him and was now about to do the same to them.

General Comments

Fantastic Four the movie meets Manga interpretations. Confusing panels during the fighting makes the story awkward to read, as is usually the case with these. The story was alright; nothing more than an FF origin story with the typical superhero misunderstanding fight. Manga lovers will most likely love it, everyone else, not so much.

Overall Rating

2 Webs. Interesting interpretation of the Fantastic Four with a lot of the movie elements present. This is still strictly for Manga fans, however. If you're not one of them, then this probably isn't for you.

 Posted: 2008