Spider-Man Family (Vol. 2) #7 (Story 1)

 Posted: 2008

Story 'Looter's Quest'

The Looter is on a quest to find the twin of the meteor that gave him his powers. Y'know, the one he carries around and talks to. Spidey, on a routine patrol, stumbles upon Looter in a lab doing an experiment on his meteor and stops him. However, an innocent in jeopardy distracts Spidey long enough for Looter to play on Spidey's accidental mentioning that only the Fantastic Four would have equipment he would need.

Spidey races to the Baxter Building to warn the FF, but Human Torch's attempt to play a prank on Spidey's dropping by unannounced allows Looter to get inside and into Reed's lab. Looter eloquently explains his plight enough to pique Reed's interest in the problem, much to Spidey's disbelief. Torch observes that a device says the other rock is in the Savage Land, and Looter is off once again having stole Ben's Sky-Cycle.

Grabbing the Fantasticar, Ben drags Torch and Spidey to the Savage Land where they find Looter about to be killed by the legions of Stegron after asking to look at the rock held at the top of a structure in Stegron's kingdom. The heroes save Looter's bacon and engage Stegron's forces, which attracts the attention of Ka-Zar, Shanna and Zabu. In the distraction, Looter once again takes the opportunity to climb the structure and find that the rock is not what he was looking for. Spidey consoles Looter, mentioning it looks like something that gave Dr. Strange trouble once, and Ka-Zar makes an off-comment about going to him for help. Distracting the heroes once again, Looter takes the advice and runs through the arch below the rock, which turns out to be a portal.

Ben, Torch and Johnny follow and find themselves outside Strange's Sanctum. Inside, Strange hosts Looter to some tea as he listens to his story. Spidey pulls him aside to tell him what's going on, but Strange's medical side has taken an interest in Looter's case and has agreed to use his mystic side to help. The Eye of Agamotto reveals that the meteor had landed in Latveria, home of Dr. Doom! Looter is off once again, but before the heroes can give chase Strange restrains them. He explains there's a reason why to let the Looter escape.

As expected, he steals the Fantasticar which allows Reed to remotely pilot it back to the Baxter Building where the heroes and Strange meet up with all of them. Reed ponders examining the meteor, but before he can finish his thought SHIELD swings in and takes it and Looter into custody. As he's carted away, he overhears Reed say that given trajectories that the other meteor, if there is one, most likely landed on the moon.

The end?

General Comments

The Family books always seem to open with a comedic story, and this time is no exception. It's a fun romp through Spidey's world with guest-stars galore, and if you're thinking the artwork looks a little familiar you'd be right. Karl Kesel did a good job of mimicking the late Mike Wieringo's style as the Looter was one of his favorite characters and the story is dedicated in his memory. Overall, it was a good story that was very fun to read and had many great character moments.

Overall Rating

5 Webs. A fun story and a decent tribute to Ringo.

 Posted: 2008