Spider-Man Family (Vol. 2) #6 (Story 5)

 Posted: 2008

Story 'Vanishing Spots'

The Spotted Cat, a great thief, is after the fossil of an ancient bug known as the insect king. Spider-Man J pulls himself away from a magic show he desperately wanted to see to try and stop her, but his victory ends up as nothing more than illusion. And little does he realize the Spotted Cat is the very person whose show he wanted to see!

General Comments

Confusing panels galore. With art styles like this, it's a wonder more manga readers don't go insane trying to determine what the hell is going on with the action. The story, however, this time around was actually very clear. Not much was lost in translation this time, it seems. However, the ending could have been seen coming from a mile away. The Spotted Cat, though actually seems like she could be an interesting character if developed for an American comic market.

Overall Rating

1.5 Webs. A clearer story with a predictable ending, but gains points for introducing the most interesting character since these reprints began.

 Posted: 2008