Spider-Man Family (Vol. 2) #5 (Story 5)

 Posted: 2007

Story 'Enter...Elektra!'

A scroll containing the ultimate power of the invincible warrior has gone on display, and the ninja assassin Elektra wants it. Spider-Man J tries to stop her, but their fight is interrupted by Mantis who wants the scroll as well. Now it's a fight over the town with innocent people in the balance. And who is Elektra? Friend...or foe?

General Comments

Well, wasn't this confusing as all hell. Elektra, good or bad guy? You really can't tell in this story. Then of course there's the fast and furious action which gets lost in all the grayscale work. As always, this is the weakest entry in the book every time and really adds nothing to the Spidey mythos. One thing to note, however, is that Elektra seems to be wearing a version of her movie costume, right down to the necklace.

Overall Rating

.5 Webs. Confusing story as usual with no real point. Maybe you need to be a manga/anime fan to get this stuff.

 Posted: 2007