Spider-Man Family (Vol. 2) #5 (Story 2)

 Posted: 2007

Story 'Big Game'

  Spider-Man Family (Vol. 2) #5 (Story 2)
Summary: Spider-Man vs. Kraven the Hunter and Man-Wolf
Editor: Mark Paniccia
Writer: Dana Moreshead
Pencils: Eduardo Garcia
Inker: Roger Bonet

Kraven the Hunter sits perched on a rooftop, deep in thought at what challenges could be left for him. Those thoughts, however, are interrupted by the two lovely ladies with big guns with him announcing their boredom. He assures them that they will get the thrill of hunting the ultimate prey. However, Spidey has beaten them to it as he comes crashing onto the scene fighting the Man- Wolf.

Wolfy bats Spidey aside, and Kraven steps in to show what a "real man" can do. The girls try to lend a hand with their guns, which prove a bit more powerful than they can handle and allows Wolfy to get the upper hand on Kraven. Spidey takes Kraven's place as Kraven removes the gem from Wolfy's neck, reverting him to a human form that Spidey doesn't recognize.

Kraven reveals that he put the gem there, and that he uses the Man-Wolf to make his urban safaris worth every penny paid by bored, rich socialites looking for the ultimate sporting thrill. Kraven tells him about how the Man- Wolf is led to them and the hunt begins. The intended victim is paid off by the girls, Kraven's clients, and therefore won't be any legal problems. Kraven deems Spidey helpless.

Spidey proves him wrong by webbing them all up and giving the girls a lecture on morality. Spidey swings off, Kraven realizing he's found his ultimate prey after all.

General Comments

A brief tale, but pretty good. Obviously it takes place in an alternate timeline because Kraven was hardly acting like his usual self, let alone showing any signs of his Russian heritage. Eduardo Garcia's artwork was very well done, except for one panel where the socialites fire at Man-Wolf. The panel is poorly aligned to where it looks more like some kind of explosion shook them off their feet rather than their being thrown by the recoil of the gun. Dana Moreshead gave us some more great quips in the story, and a nice moral lesson ala Spidey. Overall, it was enjoyable, with nods to past continuity with Kraven's obsession with Spidey.

Overall Rating

4 Webs. A brief, but funny story that gives an updated catalyst to Kraven's obsession.

 Posted: 2007