Amazing Spider-Man: Colossal Colouring and Activity Book (Scholastic Australia)

 Posted: Dec 2012
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)


Following the "more is better" theory, this 48-page colouring book is an extended version of the preceding Amazing Spider-Man: Colouring & Activity Book (Scholastic Australia).

This book is 7.9" x 10.8" glossy card soft-cover square-bound. It contains 48 pages of clean white pages with black and white puzzles, games, and the occasional colouring-in page.

In Australia, I picked this up for a crazy $6 price tag.

Story Details

This book contains pretty much the same mix of standard "activity" fare as the half-sized Amazing Spider-Man: Colouring & Activity Book (Scholastic Australia). As before, there's spot-the-difference, find-the-figure, word-games, mazes, and a few colouring pages. The answers to the puzzles are at the back, if you need 'em.

General Comments

Most of the material from this book also appears in one form or another somewhere else in one of the various books in the Marvel Color/Activity (Scholastic Australia) series. But that's no big deal, because there's still a huge variety of content within the 48 pages of this book itself.

Overall Rating

Yes, it's only black and white. And yeah, there's a lot of overlap between this book and the various other similar books produced by these guys this year.

But the material is all brand new for this series, the production quality is clean and tight, and the line drawings are clean, fun, and visually appealing. With 48 quality pages for $6, I reckon this is damn good value.

Four webs.

 Posted: Dec 2012
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)