Amazing Spider-Man: Sticker Scene (Parragon/Scholastic)

 Posted: Apr 2013
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)


This "sticker scene" book was published first by Parragon in the UK, and was also released by Scholastic in Australia/NZ around the same time.

It was part of a series that included a number of 3D books, although this one is purely 2D.

Story Details

The book is a smidgen smaller than standard magazine size, at 8.4" x 10.8". There are only 12 full-colour pages of story content, but there are also a full 4 sheets of stickers, which brings the book up to a slightly more respectable weight when you lift it up.

There's a number of rather appealing things about this book.

Most importantly, unlike many modern "activity" books, this one actually features a contiguous story! Specifically, it relates an abbreviated version of the events of Amazing Spider-Man #39-40, with the Green Goblin capturing Peter Parker from his home in Queens, and taking his prisoner to his lair. The Goblin reveals himself to be Norman Osborn, before freeing Spider-Man for the Epic Final Battle. The usual chemical accident concludes the fight, causing Norman to lose his memory.

But wait, that's not the end of my "list of things I like"!

The art-work is superb. Admittedly, it is copied from the Marvel: Origin Story Books. But if you're going to re-use artwork, then that's an excellent source. It features a painted, pastel look which gives a modern light and airy feel while simultaneously evoking the careful attention to detail of a high-value product.

That high-end feel is further reinforced by the number and size of the stickers included. There's 11 pages of story, and 4 pages of stickers. That's a really high ratio.

And... one final "good thing". Like many of the other sticker books by Parragon, many of the stickers have specific places in the book where you need to place specific stickers in order to complete the picture. I like that idea, since it gives a focus to the activity compared to just placing stickers on the back of your door.

General Comments

This book is clean, sophisticated, and stylish. The colours and design are tasteful and well-balanced. Overall, there's a real quality feel to this book.

Admittedly the artwork is "borrowed" from the The Amazing Spider-Man vs. The Green Goblin (Origin Storybook). But it has been adapted and re-edited with care and respect.

Overall Rating

Yes, the page count is a bit lower than the sticker price might suggest. But this project wasn't about producing a slab of cheap newsprint content. Instead, this is a flashback to the early days of activity books when less was more, and storyline mattered.

I'm really impressed by this one. I'm giving it a near-perfect 4.5 Webs.

 Posted: Apr 2013
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)