Spider-Man Paint With Water Book (Funtastic

 Posted: 2003
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)


I'm guessing that in 2002, Funtastic jumped the gun a little. They brought out a range of activity books a little bit ahead of the main movie blitz. There were six different books... a Coloring Book, a Sticker Book, a Bumper Book (just a bigger coloring book), a Tattoo Book, and a Paint with Water Book.

The sixth book was a smaller activity book (coloring, spot the difference, finish the picture, etc.) which came in a bagged pack along with the coloring book (also available separately), and a box of four crayons.

Story Details

Heavier paper than the cheap newsprint which featured in all of the other books in this series, and printed on only one side of each leaf. There are fifteen "paint with water" pictures. I can't comment on the colors, since I'm a little reluctant to try mine out... I only have one copy! The art is basically the same as all the other books.

Note that there is no movie-style version of this book - unlike all the others in this set which were subsequently re-released with movie tie-in covers.

General Comments

One of the better books in the set. Painting with water is fundamentally a very cool concept.

Overall Rating

A slightly above average three and a half webs.

 Posted: 2003
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)