Spider-Man Chinese Coloring Book (Large)

 Posted: 2008
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)


I picked this coloring book up in a discount story for $1, along with a couple of others that I'll get around to reviewing soon also. At first glance it's impressive... a whopping 13 /12" tall by 9 1/2" wide. However, when you pick it up and open the soft cardboard cover, you'll find that not all is at it might seem.

Story Details

First up, this is clearly a Chinese unlicensed rip-off product. "Unlicensed?!" (Yell the Marvel lawyers). "Why, that means you have no guarantee of quality!"

Well, licensing isn't any real guarantee of quality, but for once the lawyers are right. This "coloring" book is a crock of the strongest smelling manure you will ever meet. Sure, the cover is on backwards (as per usual Asian books, the back is the front and the front is the back). But that's not the start of it.

The paper is white, but thin enough that the heavy black line art shows through. There are a grand total of sixteen pages of line art to draw here. But Spider-Fans will be disappointed. Only TWO of those pages actually feature Spider-Man! The rest feature Tom & Jerry, and Winnie The Pooh! And as for the quality of the Spidey artwork. Well... just take a look at the image in the gallery. YIKES!

Spidey is hanging from what looks like a rope, tied at the top to a sideways rope. The house in the background looks like a military bunker, while I guess the guys in the suits are supposed to be robots, perhaps? But really, words fail me here. Given the fifteen cents an hour labor rates in China, was it really necessary for the company boss to save thirty cents and get his rather slow-witted four-year old son to do the artwork.

General Comments

This is without a doubt the worst ever Spider-Man coloring book made. Perhaps. Until I get around to reviewing the other two Spidey coloring books that I bought at the same time.

Overall Rating

Half a mind-numbingly appaling web for this reeking, steaming heap of crapola!

 Posted: 2008
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)