Spider-Man "Spider-Sense" 448 Coloring & Activity Pages (Bendon)

 Posted: Jun 2013
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)


This is a massive slab of a book from Bendon Publishing. It's part of their "Spider-Sense" branded range that they produced from 2009 to 2011.

Story Details

From the front it's a regular 8" x 1.05" format. But from the side, it's nearly 1" thick!

The content is the same old mix of Spider-Man drawing pages, puzzles and games that has graced all the Bendon books up to this time. Bendon didn't really change any of the content until they revamped the artwork in 2012 for the movie tie-in books.

The artwork for all these Spider-Sense books is generally adequate. It's generic "Spider-Man", illustrated in strong black line art that appears to have been custom-drawn for Bendon. The only weak point is Spider-Man's unmasked face, which bears no resemblance to any Peter Parker that I've ever seen.

General Comments

The only difference amongst any of these Bendon "Spider-Sense" colouring/activity is the format, paper quality and price. And judged by that standard, this 448 page book rates fairly well.

Obviously, the page count is as high as anything else on the market. The paper quality is mid-grade, it's clean and white, but isn't particularly heavy grade. Felt-tip markers would probably bleed through the page, so pencils or crayons are probably the best bet if you wanted to colour both sides of the page.

As for the variety, well, it's probably no surprise that many of the colouring pages are repeated two or three times throughout the book. It's pretty hard to produce a colouring book with 448 pages and not see some repetition in the content. I guess we can forgive them a little recycling.

Overall Rating

Reasonable quality, mid-range paper, and somewhat recycled content. But just look at that page count!

Three-and-a-half webs... mostly in recognition of the sheer size of this beast.

 Posted: Jun 2013
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)