The Amazing Spider-Man Reward Sticker Activity Book (Bendon)

 Posted: May 2011
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)


Bendon held a license for publishing Spider-Man activity books from 2006 until around 2009. During that time they produced a varied range of generally commendable products. Those included general coloring/activity books, plus a few educational products. They also published this rather interesting "Reward Sticker Activity Book".

Story Details

This book is actually more of a "pad". It's 4.5" x 6.5", with glossy card front and back. The top is square-bound with two staples as well, all covered in a cloth tape. A hole is punched at the center of the binding to allow the pad to hang on a hook for easy access.

Inside are 9 pages of small color stickers, all featuring Spider-Man along with a positive word or phrase. SUPER! LOOKING GOOD! GREAT JOB! AMAZING WORK!, etc.

Also, there are 16 black and white paper pages. Eight of which are simple activity exercises featuring numbers... basic addition, subtraction, etc. The other eight are "Learning Certificates", again featuring Spider-Man along with a positive phrase, with a space to write the name and date of the hard-working recipient.

General Comments

For such a small book, this really does pack in a lot of content. I'm not sure if the activity exercises are such a good fit. Perhaps it would have been better to use the space for 16 "Learning Certificates".

Teachers using this book probably don't need the exercises. They will have plenty of opportunities to give out stickers and certificates. On the other hand, parents may well appreciate the pre-generated exercises.

Overall Rating

Overall, this is an excellent product. I'm happy to hand it a glowing four webs, plus a "GOOD JOB!" sticker.

 Posted: May 2011
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)