Amazing Spider-Man: Giant Coloring & Activity Book - Rampaging Reptile (Bendon)

 Posted: Jun 2013
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)


At a humongous 10.75" x 16" but with only 24 thin newsprint pages, this staple-bound book is a massive floppy folio of colouring and activity pages. It's part of Bendon's suite of colouring & activity books that tie-in to the 2012 "The Amazing Spider-Man" movie.

Story Details

The actual content of those 24 pages is basically a selection of the same material that fills all the other Bendon 2012 Spider-Man movie tie-in books. There's a range of colouring pages, with art-work specifically drawn for these books, and featuring the characters from the film.

Spider-Man is there (in his movie costume). Also present is Peter Parker (looking like Andrew Garfield), Doctor Connors (looking like Rhys Ifans), and the Lizard (looking like crappy early-release CGI, and nowhere near as good as the actual CGI that made it into the film).

As well as coloring pages, there are mazes, and a few puzzles.

General Comments

The Good: The book is physically imposing.

The Bad:

  • The book is hugely impractical. It wouldn't sit very well, on a shelf in a physical book store... and would be a real pain to ship from Amazon.
  • The giant flimsy format means it gets damaged easily.
  • The Spider-Man poses feature some terribly awkward poses, with badly proportioned limbs.
  • The Lizard doesn't actually look the same as he did in the film, presumably due to last-minute CGI changes for the screen version.
  • The artwork has been blown-up to fit the new format, and some of it is a bit grainy.

Overall Rating

Yeah, I know that's one good thing and five bad things.

But honestly, I just can't get over how impressive the sheer size of this book is. Despite its many flaws, I just can't give it anything less than a three-web rating!


Note: The interior content of the other "Giant" movie tie-in book Amazing Spider-Man Giant Coloring & Activity Book: The Web Returns! (Bendon) is 100% identical, page for page. Only the cover is different.

 Posted: Jun 2013
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)