The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Spider-Man vs. Electro

 Posted: May 2015
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)


This book is a tie-in to the Amazing Spider-Man 2 Movie (2014). It was released in the U.S. as an 8" x 8" 24 color page staple-bound soft-cover book. It was co-released in Australasia as a square-bound product. The U.S. version also included a pull-out folded poster which was not included in the Australasian version.

Story Details

The story consists of alternating full-page illustrations and text descriptions. Each descriptive text is approximately 80-150 words.

The story follows the core events of the movie. Spider-Man chases the truck full of radioactive material, and then saves Oscorp employee Max Dillon from being run-over by that very same truck. Max Dillon meets Gwen Stacy. Max Dillon works late, has an accident, and becomes Electro. A confused Electro walks to Times Square New York and encounters Spider-Man. They fight, and Spider-Man wins by spraying Electro with water. End of story.

General Comments

The illustrations are perfectly adequate. They're the same illustrations you'll see across all of the movie tie-in books. The text is entirely adequate also as it describes each scene, step-for-step as if it were an instruction manual — or perhaps as if it were spoken subtitles for the blind.

The result is exactly what the marketing team wanted. A book which ties-in with the film by presenting key scenes of the film.

Overall Rating

Sure, this isn't art. This is simply about maximising the revenue stream with associated product.

Two Webs. I can't fault this book. But I don't particularly like it either.

 Posted: May 2015
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)