Spider-Man & Friends: A Day At The Park

 Posted: Sep 2010
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I do believe that collecting Spider-Man books is the part of my hobby I love the most. It's also quite possibly the hardest work, because as a completist, I really do want to get a hold of every Spider-Man book. But while there are newsletters and publications to tell me what Spider-Man comics are published every month, when it comes to books you're really on your own.

I stumbled across this little gem on eBay. It's a cloth book with an over-sized plastic spine that supports three chewable plastic keys. The two bottom corners and the back top corner are protected by rubbery overlays. I don't know why the top front corner didn't receive the same treatment.

Story Details

  Spider-Man & Friends: A Day At The Park
Summary: Cloth Book/Toy for Babies & Toddlers

The "pages" are roughly 6" x 6". They are brightly colored and feature clumsy illustrations that are quite likely taken from the Spider-Man Color/Activity Books (Paradise) series of coloring books. There are three "leaves" to the book, giving a front cover picture then five other pictures with text.

Front Cover as shown.
Spider-Girl likes to swing.
Spider-Man likes to climb. [A tree]
Captain America throws the frisbee. [His shield, a flap which lifts up to reveal a mirror]
Wolverine catches it.
Hulk likes to read.

General Comments

The pages are crinkly, it has a shiny mirror, and it's designed for babies to chew on while they're teething. Spider-Man and/or Spider-Girl feature in half the book. What more do you want?

Overall Rating

I have no idea how to rate something like this. I guess it is what it is. Three webs.


My copy is second hand, and smells slightly musty. I really should hang it in the sun for a day before I file it away.

 Posted: Sep 2010
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)