Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 3) #1 (Story 2)

 Posted: May 2014
 Staff: Adam Rivett (E-Mail)


Max Dillon/Electro is the first major villain to take on our returning Amazing Spider-Man, though he has been recently defeated on a number of occasions.

Story 'Recapturing That Old Spark'

A couple of nights ago, Electro headed to The Bar With No Name and found himself on the end of some abuse from other costumed villains who claim that he is washed up. He has recently been shot into space by Thor, mind controlled by Spider-Man and smacked around by the Punisher! Deke, the owner, told him not to worry and told them that Electro was the one who busted The Raft wide open (in New Avengers (Vol. 1) #1) so they should show some respect.

Later, Electro paid a visit to The Raft/Spider-Island and finds it destroyed by The Green Goblin! He headed to Conway Penitentiary, where most inmates have been relocated, charging himself on the way. He let rip a massive electrical force, determined to gain respect back, but he finds that he can't turn off! He overloads and comes to realising that he's killed most of the inmates! He staggers out, wondering what went happened. He pins it on Spider-Man and the experiments he's done on him. Spider-Man is going to fry!

General Comments

Dan Slott and Christos Gage recombine to deliver a so-so five pages that reminds us who Electro is, updates his current power status and half-heartedly set up the next issue.

The main positive of this re-introduction is the recollection of his most recent issues. There's this great blast from New Avengers and then recent exploits in Avenging Spider-Man and Superior Spider-Man Team-Up. All are referred to and, as a stickler for character development sticking and meaning something, I appreciate this.

That said, it is all a bit samey. I'm expecting new things for the character in Amazing, Slott usually delivers plenty of development, but there's no inkling of any new seeds here.

Javier Rodriguez has little opportunity to deliver the creative panel layouts of level of storytelling he's been giving us in Superior Spider-Man Annual, but the final page comes close to the quality he can deliver.

Overall Rating

A little bit of spark, but not a lot.

 Posted: May 2014
 Staff: Adam Rivett (E-Mail)