Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends (UK Magazine) #8

 Posted: 12 Jan 2023
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)


This magazine for young kids was released every two months by Panini Magazines in the UK. This title started in 2013 and is the natural successor of the previous Spider-Man & Friends (UK Magazine) which ended in 2011.

The early issues featured an 8-page super-simplified re-telling of a classic Spider-Man story. However, this issue instead features a 10-page introduction to the X-Men as its main content.

The rest of the 34-page format is made up of activity, puzzle, poster, and reader-content pages. One or two full-page advertisements are for other Panini products. Spider-Man appears in much of the secondary content.

Story 'Origins of the X-Men!'

Despite being captioned "Spidey Story", there is no Spider-Man at all in this brief introduction to the X-Men.

Pages 1-2 introduce Charles Xavier.

Page 3 shows Xavier and his mutant "friend" Erik Lehnsherr as they encounter Baron Von Strucker, the subsequently show how a frustrated and angry Erik decides to go his own way in the world (later to become Magneto, the foe of humankind).

Page 4 shows Charles being paralysed during a fight with an alien named Lucifer.

Pages 5-6 introduce the original X-Men, and has them fight Magneto.

Pages 7-8 Introduces the new X-Men, and the training room.

Pages 9-10 are a couple of full-page illustrations.

General Comments

This isn't really a story, more of a super-simple illustrated recap.

Given that our favourite web-slinger isn't even present, this review is pretty much a place-holder.

Overall Rating

No more, and no less, than what it claims to be.

The X-Men (old and new) are introduced, with simple words and bright, dynamic images.

Nothing to praise, nothing to fault. Three Webs.

 Posted: 12 Jan 2023
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)