Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends (UK Magazine) #3

 Posted: Jul 2022
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)


This magazine for young kids was released every two months by Panini Magazines in the UK. This title started in 2013 and is the natural successor of the previous Spider-Man & Friends (UK Magazine) which ended in 2011.

Each issue features an 8-page super-simplified re-telling of a classic Spider-Man story. The rest of the 34-page format is made up of activity, puzzle, poster, and reader-content pages. One or two full-page advertisements are for other Panini products.

Story 'The Amazing Spider-Man vs The Green Goblin'

This issue's story retells in 19 panels a blended story featuring The Enforcers from Amazing Spider-Man #10 with the Green Goblin showdown from Amazing Spider-Man #39 and Amazing Spider-Man #40.

The pages show in order:

  1. Peter Parker at Midtown High School (being bullied by Flash Thompson) learns from Harry Osborn that "The Enforcers have broken into the Empire State Building!"
  2. Spider-Man battles the Enforcers at the top of the ESU.
  3. The Enforcers use a gas grenade on Spider-Man, and are then are captured by the web-slinger.
  4. Green Goblin follows Spider-Man (his Spider-Sense dulled by the grenade) to his home and captures him.
  5. In his secret lair, Green Goblin gloats over his prisoner, Spider-Man.
  6. Green Goblin monologues, and Spidey escapes.
  7. Spider-Man defeats Green Goblin and discovers him to be Norman Osborn.

This is a typical re-telling of that classic tale, which features a couple of now-standard variations on the original. Firstly, Harry Osborn is now a student at Midtown. Originally, Harry met Petey at ESU, as did Gwen and MJ. But modern retellings often put MJ, Gwen, and Harry all together at Midtown HS with Peter Parker.

The original ASM #39 gas grenade event occurs with generic hoodlums in a New York alleyway. Modern versions upscale this to feature the Enforcers and the observation deck of the Empire State Building.

The other note I would add is that breaking into the observation deck of the Empire State Building isn't very difficult. It can be easily achieved for the price of a ticket.

General Comments

This magazine is a high-quality product. Nearly all of the material appears to be original, and hence the artistic look is consistent and clean throughout the magazine and supporting puzzle & games material.

The layout is clean and clear, and the colors are bright and attractive. The stories are nicely simplified, while still retaining their essential elements.

Overall Rating

This is a magazine that benefits from modern printing and design, while still showing old-school love and attention to detail.

The more I review this magazine, the more I understand and appreciate what it is trying to achieve.

Four Webs.


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 Posted: Jul 2022
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)